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    By Timberwolf,

    So I have added a Members Map.

    You can find the link in the menu bar:


    You will then find this page:


    On the right side, you will see all the people in the map:


    You can also add your one location;


    You just enter your city, state, province, country what not, and a drop down list will appear.:


    You can also browse your all the markers that have been placed here.membermap05.thumb.png.a56777d6c3e18267b9bd281d9db2e06d.png

    I look forward to seeing where you all are.  :D 

  2. Squarepeg
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    I've mentioned elsewhere within The Northlands that I created a character called Joshua Deeds.  He came from a short story I once told Autumn, made up on the spot after she requested I tell her a "Jamie story".  There is a thread in The Writer's Den dedicated to quotes I have come up with, credited to Joshua, that will hopefully one day be the backbone to a second tale about him.  Anyway, I am attempting to retell the original Joshua Deeds story, The Coin.  I never gave him a name in the first telling of this, so I'm trying to keep it out of this version as well in an attempt to keep it as close to the original as possible. Here are the first few paragraphs that I have written this very morning.  I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you'd like to see the rest.  I have to go and make lunch now.



    There was once a young man, average, nothing special, but he was happy. He had a good job, he had good friends. He had a good life. He spent his time, when not working, doing the things he liked to do. Going out with his friends, staying in with his friends, staying in alone (he liked his own company, as well as that of others), walking to stay fit, lounging around watching movies on a Sunday, and many other things.


    But, there wasn't anyone in his life he could share these things with, at least nobody special. Yes, he had his friends who he could confide in, but he found he could never fully open up to them, never reveal his deepest thoughts, desires, worries and concerns. Strangely, this was something he didn't realise about himself until it was pointed out to him in rather bizarre fashion.


    The workday mornings followed pretty much the same routine. He got up, washed, dressed and had his breakfast before leaving his small flat to take the bus to work. On his way to the bus stop he would get a newspaper and a chocolate bar from the same shop, he'd catch the same bus and get off at the same stop a short distance from his office and call in to the coffee shop next door for the same cup of Americano which was , sometimes, already brewed and waiting for him before he even opened the door.


    On this particular morning, as he walked up to the door of the news shop where he bought his paper and chocolate, he noticed something glinting on the pavement in the weak autumn sun. He stooped to pick it up and found it was a gold coin with strange markings minted in to it. It was unlike any coin he'd ever seen before and it seemed to shine even when his body cast a shadow upon it. On one side the image appeared to be that of two hearts intertwined in such a fashion that they could never be separated, at least that's what it looked like to him. On the other was the profile of a rather intimidating looking man, bald, heavy jowled, with small piercing eyes.


    The young man continued to examine the coin as he walked into the shop to purchase his items. The young woman behind the counter, who worked the morning shift in the shop and knew the young man by sight if not by name, greeted him as she always did and, when she noticed the coin, remarked upon it's beauty.


    “Yes,” said the young man, “it is quite eye catching, isn't it. I just found it outside.”

    “Where's it from?”

    “I have no clue. I've never seen one before. I'll probably do a bit of research tonight when I get home. Anyway, have a good day. I'll see you tomorrow,” and with that he paid for his things and left the shop to catch the bus to work.


    The bus pulled up to the stop just as he approached and he stepped into the belly of the packed beast, paid his fare and found a seat next to a pretty brunette who was fresh face among the familiar crowd of commuters. As he was about to put the gold coin in his coat pocket she said, “That's beautiful. I've never seen one like that before.” The young man looked at her and smiled before replying, “ Yes, it's unusual. I found it just now, on the pavement outside the newsagents.” The coin appeared to be a little ice-breaker and he and the pretty brunette chatted for the entire journey, until the young man had to disembark. “See you tomorrow?” he asked. “I'll be here,” she said.


    The young man watched as the bus pulled away into the morning traffic and turned towards the building where he would spend the next eight hours of the day. He was just about to walk through the door when he remembered his morning brew. “ I can't function in there without my bean,” he muttered to himself and turned around and headed towards Red's Diner. He pushed his way in and there was Red, the owner of the small coffee house and eatery, standing behind the counter, arms folded across her chest, looking very annoyed.


    “ You forgot me?” she asked. “And here I thought I was the most important part of your day.”

    “Sorry, Red. I'm a little distracted this morning.” He fished the gold coin from his coat pocket to show her. “ I found this this morning outside the shop where I get my paper. Someone on the bus noticed it and we got talking. I think she likes me,” he smiled broadly as he put the coin back in his pocket, not noticing the slightly pained expression that crossed Red's face. His coffee was already made and waiting for him and he picked it up to take a sip. “Perfect, as always. Much like yourself, Red,” he said.

    “That'll be £2.50,” she replied. He chuckled, handed over the right change and turned to leave. “See you at lunch,” he called over his shoulder, and left for the office.

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    How do you know when you spend too much time online?  When you have dreams about people you only know online...  I just had a dream that I met @hirondelle because somehow we were in the same town and we ran into eachother and were like omg!!!  And then we hung out and took selfies and laughed and had a wonderful time and@Timberwolfwas jealous cause he wasn't there.  And it was so happy and then I woke up and was sad cause it was only a dream and I couldn't go back to it.  And then I realised it was 3:33 am which is creepy cause it's the witching hour and now I can't fall back asleep.

    And then I started over analysing my life because that's what your brain does when you wake up in the middle of the night right?  And I felt pathetic because I have no life outside of my family and I haven't seen my best not online friends in months because I'm depressed and I work nights and live in another world from the rest of people who work in the daytime  (aka sleeping hours).  And I feel like I spend my alone time lately talking to myself on here cause everyone else has a life and I'm the only one on here.  

    And then of course I start thinking about my fucked up excuse for a relationship and I get depressed and angry and I feel like I'll never truly be happy.  And then I wonder do I even deserve to be happy?  I think I did something truly awful to someone in a past life and I'm being punished for it.  And then I think well maybe if I ended the fucked up relationship I could wake up next to someone and not be alone but the thought of waking up next to someone not him kind of repulses me and I don't want to be with someone solely because I don't want to wake up alone. 

    And then my hand starts to go numb because I either have carpal tunnel or something is fucked in my back and it momentarily distracts me as I try to shake/stretch my hand out of pins and needles and now I realise I'm rambling like an idiot but that's what I made this blog for so I could ramble and not bother the rest of the board so it's ok... right? 

    And earlier tonight my daughter saw me on here and was like who are these people?  Are you whoring around online with random guys?  Where's the shower guy?  (Cause I was on voice chat with @MaleConfessor one time and I was in the bathroom part hiding from them because they wouldn't stop asking who i was talking to and part because I was getting ready to take a shower before work) and then she was teasing me because for her people online are never who they say they are and I tried to explain I've known these people forever and they're awesome and we met on a book message board so then she said I was a geek lol and I was like yeah so...  And then my son was like you should talk to Spike  (guy he works with that I've met like twice but they insist I flirted with and I probably did but it wasn't flirting with intent) cause Spikes looking.  And then my daughter went back to me whoring around online and poor Garrett and ugh...

    And this is a tiny glimpse into my head and why I my brain is never still...

  4. A little while ago, the lovely Goddess asked about culture coming through when studying language. One of the things that's very difficult to translate into English (and is thus blog-worthy) is all the nuance that gets packed into the language in a very compact way. I'll provide a couple of examples looking at names and pronouns.

    Name appellations

    Anyone who has heard even a little bit of Japanese conversation has heard the "san" (さん) suffix. It's a default appellation that most closely translates in English to "miss/ms./mrs." or "mister." It is put on the end of a name, so Tanaka-san, or John-san. It's used when addressing someone of similar social standing (i.e., not your upperclassman, boss or governor, and not a child). One of the great things is, it's also used in address when unsure of the addressee's social rank. When using it with someone one isn't familiar with, it carries the connotation of "I'm presently unaware of how you should be properly be addressed, so please forgive me if you are deserving of a more polite honorific." So much nuance in one short syllable!

    Second-person pronouns

    "san" is also used with generic second person pronouns, which are the same words as "older brother" (onii-san, お兄さん, and yes, there's different words based on relative age), "aunt" (oba-san, おばさん), and so forth. Used when the person's name isn't known, usage of specific pronouns is dependent on the perceived age of the individual. Being called "oba-san" for the first time is a source of much consternation for Japanese women, kind of like being called "ma'am" for the first time in English.

    There's also some fun to be had, too. "sama" (様) is a respectful, elevated form of "san," used for bosses, your customers, and so forth. In older times it translated to "lord." Much to the amusement of  @Kenai, I recently explained that "ki-sama" means "precious lord," but in a way that's dripping with sarcasm. It's an archaism that when used today, specifically refers to someone in second person rudely. Like "bitch," perhaps.

    On that note, Japanese is a language that's actually rather devoid of straight profanity like English has so colorfully. No, the Japanese are much more subtle than that--as I've hopefully given you a taste of in this post, they use suggestion, unspoken words and connotation in their language to tell you to fuck off. ^_^


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    Every once in a while I travel around google images and look for ideas that I cloud possible replicate with my own hands.  Mostly under the search term of Homesteading, Traditional architecture of the past or Survival tricks of the trades. Other times I am inspired by the books I read or posts that I see to seek images such as nomadic hand carvings thanks to the Bride Story manga.  Artworks and practical pieces that will encourage sturdy long lasting builds upon any piece of land that I hope to own.

    Then there is the latte stone structure of a palm tree house that was meant for the chieftain.  Which takes me down my ancestorial paths to the times where my people existed before the sailor's invade and changed our lives.  I wouldn't be where I am if it didn't happen, but I still want to know how my people lived and survived on the islands of the Marianas.  My bloodline suggests power, authority and yes political corruption within those consumed by the latter but I know that my maternal lineage is one that may have lead me on paths towards spiritual healer and leader.  Things that I hide from in today's life because I don't want to lose my family both on here or my bloodline.  Yet, every moment that I live I know and use some of the teachings from my parents and their parents before them and so on.  So, I walk these paths as I do others while searching online for what I may use over time or come to accept.  I will share them with you sab i find them. 😸

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    Mindy sat in the passenger seat, looking out the window.  "Why are you going this way, Sean?"

    "You know why we're going this way," Sean said with a little exasperated.  "I know we were supposed to go down highway 13, but it was closed for construction back in Maplethorpe.  The signs said to follow country road 586, which is what we are on now."

    Mindy turned and looked at Sean.  "But, it's been ages since we've seen anything.  No other town, no building, nothing.  Are you sure you aren't lost?"

    "Of course, we aren't lost," Sean said with a roll of his eyes.  "And it hasn't been ages, it's only been about an hour."  Sean looked over to Mindy, "You have to pee again, don't you?"

    "That's beside the point," Mindy said.  "Have you seen anything for the last hour?"

    Sean pointed to side of the road, "There's a farm over there.  You can see the silo", he said with a bit of exasperation. "Would you like me to go up there and see if they will let you use their toilet?"

    Mindy shook her head, "No, I don't have to go yet."

    30 minutes later...

    "OK, Sean.  I really need to go now," Mindy said with a bit of guilt in her voice.

    Sean chuckled, "OK, but it will have to be on the side of the road."

    "I know, I know," Mindy said, a bit exasperated.  "It's not like this is the first time.  Just pull over.  OK?"

    "OK, OK.", he said as he checked his rear-view mirror, then checked the left and right side of the road.  "There's nobody around, and this looks like as good a place as any." he said while he pulled to the side of the road.  "Do you need me to come out and assist you?"

    Mindy slapped Sean in the arm, "No, you sicko perv.  You just stay here in the car and keep the car running.  I shouldn't be long."  Mindy got out of the car, closed the door, and walked over to the rear tire, pulled her pants down as she squatted down and begins to pee.  Suddenly she heard something, and looked up into the trees off to the side of the road.  She thought she something, and finished her business quickly, pulled her pants up and quickly got back into the car. "Sean, did you see anything?"

    Sean looked at Mindy confused.  "Did I see anything where?"

    "Over there!  In the trees," she said as she pointed at the trees off to the side of the road.

    Sean looked off into the trees where Mindy pointed. "No, I don't see any..." suddenly, a man dressed in dirty overall and a flannel shirt and brown hair sticking up wildly all over carrying an ax came charging out of the trees towards the car.  Sean quickly put the car into gear and floored it only to have the car stall out.  He frantically reached for the keys twisting them hard as the engine chugs when the man runs into the car, as he brought the ax down biting into the trunk of the car.  Just then, the car's engine caught hold and started up, Sean crushing the accelerator to the floor.  The car kicked up stones and dirt as it's tired spun and the car lurched forward, the tires screamed as they caught the pavement and Sean and Mindy took off down the road.

    "Who the fuck was that Sean?" Mindy screamed at him. "Sean!  Who the fucking hell was that?"

    "I don't know! I don't know!  Fuck, Mindy!  Calm the fuck down!" Sean yelled back at her.

    Mindy started hitting Sean in the arm, "Don't yell at me!  What the hell is going on?  Did you do this?"

    "No, I didn't do this, " Sean responded.  "I didn't do this, and stop hitting me," he said to Mindy as he turned his head to look at her as he steered the car around a bend in the road.

    "Sean!  Look out!" Mindy yelled at him.

    Sean looked up, slammed on the brakes, bring the car to a screeching halt a few yards from five pickups parked across and road. 

    A man with rough looking jeans, a red and blue checked flannel shirt, a long unkempt beard and hair stood in front of the pickups.  He waved to Sean and Mindy as he yelled "Get out of your car.  I need to discuss something with you."

    "What's going on Sean?" Mindy said on the verge of being hysterical.

    "I don't know," Sean said as he shook his head no at the man and he eased the car into reverse.

    "Don't try to back up," the man said as four more pickups pulled in behind the car.  "I need you to listen to what I have to say first."

    "Sean...?!" Mindy started to cry.

    "Shush, Mindy.  Stay here.  Let me talk to him and see what it wants," Sean said as he tried to sound angry to hide the fear in his voice.

    "Don't do it, Sean.  Don't do it," Mindy cried.

    Sean opened the car door and got out, standing behind it.  "What do you want?"

    "I need you both to get out of the car and to step away from the car.  Don't try to run, just come closer to me," the man replied.

    Sean shook his head, "Why should I trust you?  I don't know you."

    "Because if you don't," the man lifted his left arm and three men in each of the nine pickups stood up and lowered rifles aimed at Sean and Mindy, "my men will kill you both."

    Sean looked at the men in front of him, then the men behind him and shook his head.  He stuck his head in to the car, "Get out of the car Mindy.  He wants us both out of the car and away from it to talk to us.  If we don't, he's going to kill us," Sean said, the fear plain in his voice.

    Mindy got out of the car and they both started to walk towards the man.  "Shit, I forgot the keys," Sean said, and he turned back towards the car.

    "Oh, don't do that," the man said as one of his men got in the car.  "Just keep walking towards me until I tell you to stop."

    Sean turned back around with fear and anger mixed in his face.  "What the hell is going on here?" he said.

    The man smiled, "Just stay calm, and everything will become clear shortly.  Just keep walking towards until I tell you to stop."

    Mindy grabbed Sean's hand and they both started to walk forward as they watched the man.  When they were ten feet away from the man, he told them to stop and he lowered his left arm and the men in the trucks lowered their rifles.  "My name is Micah," he said and gestured to the men around him, "and these are members of my flock."

    Sean tried to look hard at Micah, "What do you want with us, Micah?"

    "You know, it's very rude to not offer your name after a name has been offered to you." Micah said with a smirk on his face.  "Oh, and don't lie.  I'll know if you lie."

    "My name is Mindy, and this is Sean," Mindy said with a tremor in her voice.

    "Shut up!  We don't have to tell him anything," Sean said angrily to Mindy.

    'Now don't be rude, Sean," Micah said, smiling.  "She is just being polite.  Something I think you might need to learn.  Thank you, Mindy.  That was very kind of you."  Micah waved his right arm.  "So now to your question, Sean." three bags were placed on the ground between Micah, Sean and Mindy.  "You two are going to camp here tonight.  Don't worry, in one of those bags is a tent.  It's supposed to be a one-man tent, but I suppose you two don't mind being so close.  Any way, you two are to camp here tonight.  In the morning, you are to start walking.  Three days north," Micah gestures to the north, "is the border." Micah gestures to the west, "Four days to the west is another border," Micah gestures to the east, "Four days east is another border," Micah gestures to the south, "And three days south is that last border.  You have enough food in those bags for two days for each of you.  You will also find a knife and a revolver with five rounds in it.  You just have to make it to any one of the borders.  Once there, you will find a car with all the paperwork that you need to sign to have it in your name.  It's that simple." Micah said, the smile never left his face.

    "That's all?" Sean asked.  He looked to Mindy, "We can do this. It will be easy!  Remember that hiking trip we did last summer?  We went hiked for two weeks."

    Mindy nodded to Sean.  "Yeah, we can do..."

    "Oh, I forgot one very important thing, you to," Micah interrupted them, his smile turned to a cruel grin.  "At noon, tomorrow, my flock and I will start hunting you.  If we find you, we get to kill you Sean, and Mindy gets to become part of my flock’s breeders."

    "What?!  No way!  We aren't doing this.  Bring our car back." Sean yelled at Micah.

    The cruel grin never left Micah's face.  "You should start setting up your tent," he said as he looked to the sky.  "It will be dark soon."  Micah turned and walked to the center pickup. "I recommend getting an early start tomorrow.  The earlier you start, the longer you will have to run.  The longer you have to run, the harder it will be for my flock to find you."

    "Wait!" Sean pleaded.  "How many of your flock will be following us?"

    Micah stopped getting into his pickup.  "Well, you saw nine pickups.  So, I guess that means there will be nine pickups looking for you tomorrow."

    "That's not fair.  How are we supposed to outrun a pickup?" Sean said.

    Micah's cruel grin turned to a kind smile.  "Well, I suppose that is a bit unfair.  Nine pickups against two people on foot.  OK.  I'm feeling generous.  I will cut you a break.  The first day, there will only be four pickups.  The second day, there will be six pickups.  The third day, there will be eight pickups.  The fourth day, there will be ten pickups.  Sleep well.  Hopefully you won't see us tomorrow," Micah said, then closed his pickup door. 

    All nine pickups drove away leaving Sean and Mindy standing in the middle of the road.

    Keep an eye out for part 2. :D   Thank you for reading.

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    "No, he doesn't have particular regard for you," the voice behind her made Cyra jump, only relaxing and sheathing her knife when Jonathan stepped up and rested his arm on her head. While normally dismissive of Jonathan using her as something of a mobile piece of furniture, today she watched as the juicy fruit he held came dangerously close to dripping on her forehead before he caught the drip with another loud, slurping bite.

    Shaking her head, as much to dislodge him as to deny any of the thoughts he hinted at.

    "I don't know what you're talking about." Going back to her task, she loaded a few more goods into crates, giving an occasional glance out into square, where he stood.

    Jonathan looked as well, though his observations were somewhat juxtaposed to hers. Completely out in the open, dressed modestly in dark shirt and heavy cloth trousers, and even during the busiest time of day, tucked against the opening of a wide alley, she was nevertheless invisible to the general population. Even knowing her, looking directly at her, his eyes and mind wanted to skip over her, to disregard her existence. He had never understood how she managed that. Get into town, and five minutes later they had lost her as she disappeared into the crowd. After a year and a half of this, they simply shrugged and trusted she would reappear on the way back to camp. It was some measure of her agitation now, that he could not only find her, but sneak up on Cyra.

    The reason for her distraction was evident enough, as Logan stood in the doorway across the square, talking and laughing with a pretty young girl, long blonde hair glinting in the sun. Her eyes sparkled as she talked to him, flirting outrageously as she flaunts curves to make any man drool. Well, almost any man, Jonathan amended, his boi still teasing the edges of his thoughts. When the girl took Logan's hand and led him inside, he could see her tremble the moment the door closed.



    Jonathan, as usual, seemed to know right where to dig the knife in to create maximum effect.

    "Sometimes, I wonder if we're just, useful," he gives a small shrug, takes another bite of fruit before tossing the rest behind him.

    "Don't worry about that. Ultimately, he always comes back to you, right?"

    Giving Jonathan a distracted smile, she goes back to loading the crates and the wagon, taking his silent offer of assistance to finish, managing just moments before the groans and screams began, seeping through the walls, and pouring from the open second story window.

    Blushing a little, she leaves the wagon and its contents to Jonathan to handle as she takes the chance to bolt, feet swiftly taking her away from the center of town, only slowing when the only screams she heard were the seagulls, and the steady thunk thunk thunk were her own boots on the planks of a little used dock.

    She knew the difference, of course. Between romance, love or relationship, and sex. But then, she had never before felt so irrefutably that she was nothing more than another whore, rutting and humping her way to food, protection, safety. While true that he always came back to her to sate his need, there was nothing acknowledged between them, and who was she to be anything beyond another open pair of legs.

    Her thoughts turned darker, as the sun began its slow descent, taking the warmth of the afternoon with it. She wasn't beautiful. She knew that. Any kind of feminine vanity had burned away in the forge of slavery. Every now and then he still slipped and called her "lad". Trying to grow her hair out gave her panic attacks, her hands shaking so bad, Jonathan had to trim it back again.

    She had never doubted his desire, or questioned his satisfaction. Since the night she had taken her pleasure in his bed, she had believed it made her something more.

    She had never doubted her value before. Should she now?

    Thinking of the way he brushed back her hair, the way his lips found hers in the dark. The way her heart pounded, struggling against her bonds, trapped by her pleasure. He had been insufferable for days after that, nearly bursting with satisfaction whenever he saw her color. The ghost of a smile teased across her face at the memory, noticing for the first time how late it was. Drawing a deep breath of the cool, river air, she smiles a little as she can feel the heavy footsteps vibrate through the wood as they found her.

    Turning, she saw Logan waiting, face impassive as he considers her. Behind him, Jonathan stood, his face a mask of bored annoyance, his eyes watching her with the barest hint of pity.

    "Ready to go, baby girl?" Logan's face broke into its easy half-smile, seeing her safe and unharmed.

    Her lips twitching into an answering smile, she nods, following as he turns away, leaping to land lightly on his back, vaguely pleased when the move  doesn't even draw a surprised grunt, merely a shifting to hold her legs as they head to camp.

    Watching Jonathan's back as he leads the way, tightening her hold, she sighs as the sound of the river fades.

    Maybe Jonathan was wrong.

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    First some background/side information;
    - As the people who follow me on facebook probably haven't been able to miss, last year was the first time i ever went on a faraway vacation/travel (i rather call it traveling, because a vacation you mostly spend on the beach reading a book, i want to see the country i'm in, i'm exploring).
    Before that i never been farther away than a 6 hour drive, except for when i was about 10 years old we went with our family to. what was back than called, Yugoslavia. Plus i went twice on a 3 day "study-trip" with my work to Budapest in Hungary and Capri in Greece, that was the first time i was on a plane and hardly got to see anything of the place we where in, and according to colleague's that didn't count as a vacation/travel. Probably no need to say; i'm hooked, i want to go see the world, mostly Asia. 
    - I love mountains! I love mountains covered in forest, there's something romantic and mysterious about it. Unfortunately i life in probably the flattest country in the world, our highest hill is 322 meters (1058 ft), we don't have mountains.. (Yes, i got serious problems here...). The first time i saw mountains with my own eyes was last year on my travel to South-Korea...it was even more beautiful than i had thought it would be, being able to see mountains covered in forest as far as the eye could see, until the horizon, it was amazing!

    So far for the background information, i warned you it was a dragon rambling :P.

    Like i said, i've gotten a good taste of traveling and i'm hooked, but i don't have a steady companion to go along with me. Which is no problem, i had a wonderful time with 17 other people i never met before. One friend want to go to Africa someday, we planned for 2019, another friend wants to go to Japan and Costa Rica someday, i'm in. After watching a television program called "Let's go with mum" where celebs go traveling with their moms, i thought that was a wonderful idea because my mom has also never traveled. So i asked her if she didn't had a country she has always wanted to go to someday, but she said she never had had a thought to travel far away.
    A couple of weeks ago i told her that there is a mountain right next to Seoul that's 836,5 meters (2744 ft) high and i could just take the subway to go hiking on a real mountain there. (I'm so excited, i'm going there next March). That's when she mentioned that that was something she would like to do someday; go to Bavaria in south Germany to see real mountains. At that point i didn't think much about it, Germany was the last place i wanted to go to.
    But a couple of days later i suddenly remembered something; i did want to go there, long long ago when i was a little girl i wanted to go to Bavaria very much. I wanted to go to Possenhofen in Bavaria to see Empress Sisi's parental home. Not sure if you're familiar with it, Elisabeth von Beiern is kind of a legend, she was very young when she became the empress of Austria true an unplanned marriage. There's a very well-known trilogy based on her life called "Sisi the young Empress", and i must have watched that movie like 1000's of times (yes thousands) when i was young. I think it was when i was like 11 or 12 years old, everyday i came home from school i turned on the vcr (yes, we had it on tape, recorded from tv :p) to watch it until the rest of the family also wanted to watch tv. I did this for a couple of years, driving my mom crazy, but i loved the movie so much i literally couldn't get enough of it, i could narrate every word they said. It's been around 25 years ago now and i still know that when i forwarded the intro titles i had to press the play-button when i saw the name "Ernts Marischka" on screen to catch the exact start, i still remember exactly what the dress looked like she wore to the first ball, the dress she wore when walking around Corfu and what her father yelled when she was horseback riding "Jump over the roses!" (but then in german), and so much more.
    So i looked into it and found a perfect vacation, it's actually very cheap compared to my other travels (yes of course it is, this one you go by train instead of plain...duh), i talked to my mom about it this morning and she thought it was a wonderful idea to go there together! It's a really cute village on the foot of Germany's highest mountain (2962 meters/9718 ft). Innsbruck, where one of the palace's is where Sisi lived, is reachable by Karwendelbahn (don't know how to translate, google it) and her hometown is fairly easy reachable by train. I'm totally excited to go now, but have to wait at least half a year because it's to cold for us now there, neither of us wants cold and snow.

    It's a childhood dream i had forgotten about that comes true.
    (And i get to travel with my mom! :) )



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    After ditching my homework for a few days to come on here, I finally got a half assed version of it done. I'm definitely no good at Java programming, but I'll turn in what I have if the prof doesn't respond. I am seriously done stressing out over it.

    Good news on the therapy front. I have an appointment with a therapist that accepts my insurance for later next month. That will help me immensely.


    I also wanted to share that my new glasses came in today. I have had the same frames (different lenses) for over 10 years. I like them a lot.

    I'll update this this more as the week goes on. I'm in the mood to update it more than Facebook simply for the fact that for every 9 things I post, I get maybe 3 people reading something. Here the response rate is much more pleasurable. 

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