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Every once in a while I travel around google images and look for ideas that I cloud possible replicate with my own hands.  Mostly under the search term of Homesteading, Traditional architecture of the past or Survival tricks of the trades. Other times I am inspired by the books I read or posts that I see to seek images such as nomadic hand carvings thanks to the Bride Story manga.  Artworks and practical pieces that will encourage sturdy long lasting builds upon any piece of land that I hope to own.

Then there is the latte stone structure of a palm tree house that was meant for the chieftain.  Which takes me down my ancestorial paths to the times where my people existed before the sailor's invade and changed our lives.  I wouldn't be where I am if it didn't happen, but I still want to know how my people lived and survived on the islands of the Marianas.  My bloodline suggests power, authority and yes political corruption within those consumed by the latter but I know that my maternal lineage is one that may have lead me on paths towards spiritual healer and leader.  Things that I hide from in today's life because I don't want to lose my family both on here or my bloodline.  Yet, every moment that I live I know and use some of the teachings from my parents and their parents before them and so on.  So, I walk these paths as I do others while searching online for what I may use over time or come to accept.  I will share them with you sab i find them. 😸





Come all ye holidays, days of worship and times of feasts.

Come all ye people to celebrate, worship and to eat.

Come all ye spirits the living, deceased and the fae.

Harken to our windows, tables and doorways.

Making merry, popping cherries and rejoicing as we feast.

No year is quite complete without a gathering of all people near and far.

They set away their differences and embrace each other as they are.

Come all ye seasons long or short and tarry with us a while.

Less for sleeping and more for leaping as gaily we dance within Life's flow.

Thank thee kindly Father Time and Mother Earth for granting us existence for a moment more.



There is no other feeling that can compare to what I feel browsing through these hallowed forums again. From the people I have come to know and care for to those I have yet to meet.  The sweet call of this place online formed by our words is a haven to the real world around us.  

Sometimes we need such a sanctuary to escape, unwind, or terrorize and I am so estatic with it's return.  I would caress my  online home like a lover come home after a dark sleeplessness night if it were to physically manifest. For now I'll run my words through your minds and enjoy feeling yours touch mine for as long as I stay here.