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Join The Club...If You Want To!



I love photography. I love taking pictures of many things, some I'm good at, others...not so much. The one thing I've always enjoyed capturing on film/pixels is people. Portraits, candids, close ups and...nudes! Yes, I know, shock horror, a man who likes taking photos of naked ladies. Damn right! But, not for the reasons your dirty little minds are thinking. Honestly, it's nothing to with any sexual aspect that most people assume goes along with photographing the naked female body. Or the male naked body for that matter. 

I'm crap at talking to people. Really, ask anyone on here who I've met in person, I'm always the quietest in the group. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the company and I do join in, it's just that I try to stay as much in the background as possible without appearing rude because that's where I feel more comfortable. That isn't an option when you're shooting one on one with someone who isn't wearing any clothes! Communication is key, and that's one reason why I do it, in an attempt to improve my small/big talk. 

Then there's the aesthetics. The human body is beautiful and fascinating. Yes, in a sexual way, you filthy minded buggers, but not for me while I'm behind the camera. The shapes, lines, colour, shadows, highlights, the way the arms and legs connect to the torso, the flow of the neck as it stretches toward the head, everything about it holds a visual fascination for me that I love to capture. Size and age are unimportant to me, too. Well, the subject does have to be over the legal age, obviously! But, other than that, looks, age and size don't come into it. Everyone is beautiful, in their own way, and I like to capture it and prove it to them, whether it's in a portrait or with their boobs or bum out.

Anyway, on to the point of this blog. As well as taking pictures, I like to show them off, too. So, to keep the forum relatively clean, visually speaking, I have been allowed to create a club where I can post my art nude images without - hopefully - offending anyone. But I obviously would like people to  look at them so would you like to join my club? If you do (and I hope you do) then all you have to do is send me a message and I will send you an invite to join What We See and then you can see what I see.

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I'm crap at talking to people. Really, ask anyone on here who I've met in person

I think you're lovely to talk to, and I have talked to you in person on many occasions.  :D 

I love your art work.  I can't remember seeing a picture you took that I didn't like.  Also, if I could make a suggestion, Link your club up there where you name.  If you need help with that, just let me know.  :D Keep blogging, keeping taking pictures and keep posting them:devil:

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I agree you are easy to talk to, but you are quiet. Or maybe that is because when @Songmistressand I get together you can't get a word in edgeways.

I love your photography. I love that you see beauty in every one. I think @Timberwolfdoes to. It's a gift I envy. 

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