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So tired



I'm so tired today.  I don't know it it's because I've only had 2 days off of work in the past 11 days (and they weren't in a row) or if it's stress or everything else going on in my life but I just can't function today.  I didn't clean the house today, I didn't cook, I didn't really do much of anything.  And I have to work tonight and tomorrow night.  I just asked for and got a change in my schedule though so now I work 9 days every 2 weeks instead of 10 and I have 2 days in a row off once a week.  So hopefully that will help.  I just don't know how much longer I can go on like this...  between work and kids and personal issues I'm just a mess lately.  I need a vacation, or a night out to just forget about everything.  But I can't afford to take a vacation and I've basically alienated all my friends here.



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I hope the schedule change helps Tika, I'm wondering if you have tried mindfulness meditation.  It doesn't help actual exhaustion... but I think it helps with that spiralling sense of shit getting out of control.  I mean it has a seriously - life changing impact.  It is the strongest drug I know... and I love me some xanax, but meditation is better.

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I haven't tried that, I have problems getting my mind to be still, like, ever...  I'll have to look into that 

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My problem is remembering it is a tool in my toolbox as it were.  I am great when I do it, I just forget I can. 

If you struggle to keep your mind still you might find a guided meditation helpful. Or some white noise / tranquil sounds.

The headspace app has a free 10 intro course https://www.headspace.com/headspace-meditation-app

Calm is also a good app and also they have meditations on their website https://www.calm.com/meditate

I have one more on my phone but it is currently charging - I will post it later.

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I've never really tried mindful meditation per say, I just feel when I need to meditate (when I remember) I does me loads of good.  You should really give it a go and see how it works.  My recommendation is not to try it once, try it a few different times, try it different times of the day to see if that makes a difference, try it before you eat, or after you eat, first thing after you wake up, or last thing right before bed.  One of them is bound to be best.  :D 

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