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Not For the Easily Offended



If swearing bothers you please... read no further cause it's about to get vulgar in here...



Fuck this fucking night and everything fucking associated with it.  Friday's are bullshit.  Every Friday this month I'm the only goddamn night shift cna scheduled.  Now thankfully people have been coming in early or staying late but most of the time that leaves just me for at least a couple of hours.

Tonight from 2 am to 4 am there was one cna (me) and one nurse, who isn't even one of our regular nurses and is only there like once a month.  And we had someone who we knew probably wouldn't make it through the night and of course she passed at 2:15.  So the nurse has to deal with the doctor and the coroner and that leaves me to answer I don't know how many lights, clean up the woman who passed  (alone), clean up the woman who took her brief off and basically covered herself and her bed in shit (alone).  And like the same 10 people were putting their call lights on every 5 minutes, all spread out on the 3 halls.  I walked 8000 steps between midnight and 6, most of it between 2 and 4.  

I managed to still be nice to every resident I dealt with, I know it's not their fault and a lot of them feel bad enough getting help with the things they need help with and they know we're short staffed.

I'm wound so goddamn tight right now I won't be able to fall asleep.  My everything fucking hurts.  And I have 10 hour shifts the next 2 nights.  I just want someone to rub my feet and my back and hold me and make me feel like it's not all death and losing your mind.

Edit - and this is why I have dogs...20171021_090024.thumb.jpg.c0d1259c600d8f3f869a9a065dbbf16e.jpg

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~snuggles @hirondelle~

Thank you :x. Last night was just rough, I still really struggle with the whole death part of my job.  I try to let it make me enjoy the life I have but it's so damn hard some days.

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