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Being a Mother is hard!



(Random thoughts, no consistency, hope it makes some sort of sense)


I am tired, i am stressed and being pushed to my limit. I have to hold together a family where I am the only none autistic member and it is becoming a huge struggle.

I love my family, my wife, my son even the pets that just simply drive me nuts!

But I am losing me, losing the me that can be fun that can be patiant that can enjoy her family. That is why I have this place I guess, the place I can be comfortable the place I can be me and have no worries.

Here I can be the fun mischievous, here I can play a role, become a goddess. And now because of the 18+ area I can explore my sexul side, a side that gets very much hidden away.

Being a mother is hard, it feels unrewarding at time and it is a job you can not walk away from because no matter the stress and strain god do I love it.

Yes being a mother is hard.

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Thank you. I am honored that you say this place helps, all its little nooks and crannies. 

Yes, being a parent can be hard. I only know a little bit of what it’s like being one as for most of my kids lives, I lived on the opposite side of the world, but I have talked to them every chance I could (once to twice a week) and I have helped them in any way that I can. 


Feel free to vent here here any time you need. 

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