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Days are funny things.

They change constantly, no two are the same and even if you try to replicate a day it always ends up being just a cheap knockoff!

Today is a day of darkness and badness, today will tick through the hours, the sun will rise and fall and it will eventually come to an end. Bit for me, today is a battle feild, today I fight a battle in a war that I fight every day, it is just that this battle is a big one, this one is goinf to leave scars if I am not careful, today blood could be drawn and I really don't want that.

I'm tired, I'm exhausted and god it will be so good to give in, to stop the storm, the battle raging on, to just let the blade hit and end it, not forever but at least for now.

But instead I'm fighting, my own sword drawn, fighting against the demons with their razor sharp claws. 

Let's just hope I last till sleep comes and the day ends.

After all tomorrow is another day.


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