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Settling In



After ditching my homework for a few days to come on here, I finally got a half assed version of it done. I'm definitely no good at Java programming, but I'll turn in what I have if the prof doesn't respond. I am seriously done stressing out over it.

Good news on the therapy front. I have an appointment with a therapist that accepts my insurance for later next month. That will help me immensely.


I also wanted to share that my new glasses came in today. I have had the same frames (different lenses) for over 10 years. I like them a lot.

I'll update this this more as the week goes on. I'm in the mood to update it more than Facebook simply for the fact that for every 9 things I post, I get maybe 3 people reading something. Here the response rate is much more pleasurable. 

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Dulcet is Beautiful in the Confidence that he shows and he progress he has made thus far. Way to go my friend. ;)

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I'm so happy you decided to share here @Dulcet.  Great picture by the way.  I hope you therapy session goes well.  I'm looking forward to see how things are going with you.

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