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The Ark of the Realm

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The home of formal RPG - please contact the mods if would like to join.

RPG Rules


  1. Being a good citizen. No trolling, randomly spamming game threads, etc. Respect other people's privacy, wishes and concerns. 
  2. Don’t post anything breaking any laws in the respective countries of the players.
  3. Do not control another player’s character/s without their permission.
  4. Every RPG must have a minimum of 2 threads: the game thread and the OOC thread.


  1. If in doubt, take your concerns to the OOC thread and discuss things there.
  2. If in further doubt, contact the moderators (see below) or admins.
  3. Be considerate of others and their actions. Just be nice!

Requirements for an RPG Club: 

  • There should be a minimum of 3 players, but 4 characters. This is optimal to keep an RPG going. 
  • A brief description of the game (this can also be the description for the Club). 
  • Outline of plot. 
  • Who is the DM (and the co-DM if applicable). 
  • You, as the DM, must have read the Rules and Guidance and confirm this when requesting a Club is set up.

What you need to give the mods when requesting a Club: 

  • Title of club.
  • Description of game.
  • Whether the Club should be private (i.e. no one but members can see inside) or open. 
  • What topics do you want set up when we set the Club up? 
  • Any images you want used as the Club logo and/or cover photo.
  • Which members to invite as players. 
  • Whether you want a description in the Ark and what it should say.

If you have a RPG in mind please message The RPG Moderators: @Redly & @Lightningfall

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