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The NL Avie Store

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Welcome to the new NL Avie Store! Please feel to post and share avies for members on the board. If you want something special I know we have talented artists that will help you. Please remember to keep them in good taste as we have members of all ages. Enjoy! 


Just a few I found!








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Thanks my Hawk...I was happy to find so many cool ones and then I found some of my own!!! As always male avie's..GOOD ones are hard to find. But we always manage to find something for everyone. 


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8 hours ago, Mirbiggs said:

I want either the first or second pic from third post. 

I thought you might like them honey. :)

9 hours ago, Rapture said:

Wow @Ren there's two that would work awesome for me. To bad the forum hates my phone.

by all means lovely  use them. :) I will try to look more over the weekend. I haven't used my phone yet for NL. So we will see. 

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@Rapture I’ll look yo see if there is a return to top button. Where can’t yku upload images?  Your avatar or in threads? 


I’ve just added that from my phone by clicking on Insert other media. 


i jjst took that photo and added it. 


and that was just added from my photos on my phone. 

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8 hours ago, Rapture said:

Also a return to top button would be great

You now have this in the lower right hand corner @Rapture

1 hour ago, Rapture said:

It was my avatar but it won't let me upload from my phone at all.

OK, I'll have a look at that.  Thank you

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@Rapture what kind of phone do you have?  What is the file type of the image?  What is the file size of the image?  I just used my test account, which is a member (warrior) on my iPad and on my iPhone and I could upload an image as my avatar that way.  The more I know, the more I can help you.  :) 

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