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Wolf's hockey highlights

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@Timberwolf plays hockey every Thursday.  I go along and record the games.  Not sure why, there isn't a big market for low quality go-pro footage of a bunch of middle aged guys playing amateur hockey in a tropical country.  But it keeps me out of trouble... and I am learning a lot about hockey in the process. :roffles: 

The youtube channel is called Dom Dumais Does Hockey.  I will let you go browse if you like but here are the highlights (short videos of @Timberwolf scoring goals).

This is the first video (stick with it - it is hard to see at first, but he zooms in and slo-mos for the ACTION REPLAY)

Bear in mind these were @Timberwolf's first goals in 30 years.... so kind of a historic occasion.


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Just to keep you all updated, on 06 March, 2018, the Flying Farangs had a game against the Malaysian National Team.  It was a lot of fun, and in got an assist and a goal.

My assist

My goal


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      So, as some of you may know, I love hockey.  I've actually recently started playing shinny (pick up) hockey here in Bangkok.  We also have 2 leagues here.  One of which I do that Admin for, the Siam Hockey League (SHL), and the other, I hope to play for next year, the Bangkok Ice Hockey League (BIHL).
      When it comes to the NHL, I have three (3) teams that I like:
      Minnesota Wild Winnipeg Jets New York Rangers  
      I also have two (2) teams that I just hate.  One stems from an old NHL rivalry, and the other, is just well, if you know anything about the NHL, you might understand.  
      Chicago Blackhawks - old rivalry  Dallas Stars - moved from Minnesota to Dallas and kept our name.    
      What about you?  Let me know.
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