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Guilty pleasures

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Do you have any media based guilty pleasures?  Not something you brag about or discuss in the office maybe - but something you enjoy on your own, with perhaps a tub of ice-cream...


Here is one of mine:


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I like some Katy Perry songs. O.o Especially "Spiritual." It has a lovely soundscape that wouldn't be out of place on a conjure one album.





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7 hours ago, Kenai said:

Tori Amos little earthquakes. >.>

Oo never occurred to me to feel guilty about this one - I thought she was ckassy! But great choice. I loved this album. 

Here is another of mine 


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LOL, ok, I won't add all of mine right now, though in reality, I don't really feel guilty, cause that's not really me, but I did get a lot of shit for loving them when I was a teenager, LOL.  Here is the first one, I have always loved Twisted Sister for as long as I've known them to be around!  LOL.  Here is the video that made me fall in love with them!


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Ah, I love Iron Maiden, @Squarepeg.  I'm like you, I don't really think the things I like are guilty pleasure, but I have been derided from time to time for the music that I like, so I'm sharing the music that people have given me shit for over the years.  :D

Like this one.  I don't know what it is about GWAR, but I just love them.


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