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Northlands Sleeping Pods

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I am making this thread for @Aliea but other people might appreciate it to.  It kind of reads like an RP - but it definitely belongs in the MH area, because it is a place to 'relax and be' without interaction.  You can use the pods to sleep, rest, read etc but there is to be no talking in this thread so you can't disturb the sleepers. 

However if someone comes in here feeling pain, and expressing emotions you may very discretely offer support.   Please don't talk to them - you will have to be creative which is why it is like an RP.  Things you can do are sit near the pod, lean against it, touch the pod lightly to show support, Do not feel you need to respond though... people come here with the desire to be quiet and relax. You can just read their post and hit the like / love button.

Sleepers, try and visualise an environment like the one in the picture.  There are variations,,, maybe you want gently moving stars, or complete darkness, maybe you would like soft music, the sound of the sea or a waterfall, maybe a gentle rain.  Or maybe you prefer silence. Maybe you would like your pod to rock as if it is a cradle or floating on an ocean with a soft breeze... or maybe you want stillness.  It is all dependent on your mood.  I am sure you will come up with other things to soothe your spirit. 

What is important regardless of the variations you choose is that while you are in the pod you feel wrapped in Northlands love.

Feel free to post your feelings while you are in the pod and don't be afraid to make consecutive posts, but please be okay with low key or zero responses.  We love you very much and this is a place to be still and self soothe.

Final note.  No jerking off in my pods okay? ;-)



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4 hours ago, hirondelle said:

Final note.  No jerking off in my pods okay? ;-)

Pretty sure I just woke everyone up by busting out laughing.

*curls up in a pod* So much physical pain this morning, as is often the case in mornings. Kind of wish I could just turn off my nerves, even for an hour. Hence, sleep.

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~hugs @hirondelletightly as she walks in~ love you hun.


~Walks to a pod painted blue with lights that cast light on water effect onto the roof of the pod.

The mattress is covered in fluffy pillows and blankets. Climbing in I rearrange the pilliows and curl up in a ball pulling a blanket over myself, falls asleep feeling a little happier.~



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