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If you're bored & want to do something to help me...

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So, the problem with social media (well, there's a lot of problems with social media, but that's a whole other topic), and Facebook in particular, is the whole algorithm thing. If you have a professional page as an artist or business of any kind, Facebook wants you to pay to be seen. They want you to 'promote' your posts so that people who have already liked your page will see them!  It isn't even advertisement to reach people who don't know about you yet, it's to reach people who have already liked your page and expect to be seeing your posts (but never do). But, the thing is, the more you are seen (and more likes and shares you get), the more you will be seen. It's like a popularity thing.  But, the less you are seen, the less you will be seen.  It's very frustrating when you are trying to reach your fans.  My solo artist page has 5781 likes. But, only a tiny fraction see what I post. And, Facebook limits the amount even further if the post is a link to a song or video. Photo posts generally get seen more.  But, I am promoting my MUSIC.  It's what needs to be heard. And, to be heard, the posts have to be seen.

So, I am asking for your help. If you have a Facebook account and you have liked my page, don't wait until you see a post from my page in your newsfeed (it might never come up). Manually go to the page yourself and look at it. Please, go take a look at the posts. Especially the video posts and links to music posts. I would, of course, like you to 'like' the posts and share them so more people can see/hear them.  But, I am NOT asking you to like and share what you don't genuinely like. However, a lot of you don't even know that I have posted anything because Facebook isn't letting you know. You don't know if you like it or not because you haven't been given the chance to see/hear it!

Next, to the people who haven't liked my page, would you please check it out. You might like it. And, if you do, then LIKE it, please. Then, follow the above request, if have time and want to.


So, here's my solo artist page: www.facebook.com/AutumnDawnLeaderMusic/


Then, if you have the time and really want to help, if you'd do the same thing over on my The Way Out band page: www.facebook.com/wearethewayout/


Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

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