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Songmistress's 'Radio'

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Beautiful, each one brings me to a different state of mind and are easy to listen to without being bombarded by too many electro sounds. 

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On 09/10/2017 at 5:32 AM, hirondelle said:

Thanks, @hirondelle:)


I give you the incomparable and SORELY underrated musical genius that is Kevin Hewick:

Kevin Hewick (born 4 February 1957, Leicester) is an English singer-songwriter who was an early member of the Factory Records roster and toured with Joy Division. Today he is known for his recordings on Pink Box Records, an independent label based in Leicester, and his recent work with Venetian collective Unfolk. 

This is a track from his last album 'Touching Stones and Tasting Rain', 'Forgotify'. https://kevinhewick.bandcamp.com/track/forgotify



Keep an eye out for Kevin's next studio album coming out later this year.  A certain person you know features upon it. ;)

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