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Hot peppers.....

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There are a great many hot peppers in the world......I'm currently dehyrating 4 variety, Jalapenos, Hot Hungarians, Ghost, and Carolina Reaper.   I want to share a story with all of you...........there once was a wlf who touched drying carolina reapers with his bare hands.....he then touched himself, so he wouldn't make a mess in the lavatory........he spend the rest of the night feeling like he'd contracted a nasty disease from someone unclean.......


THe moral of the story.....don't touch the worlds hottest pepper (even dried) and then touch yourself......unless you like the burn......=P heheheheheh


Thats your PSA for the week ^_^ =P

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When my son was little he thought dried peppers I had hanging up looked really yummy and ate a whole one...

And while I've never touched peppers and then myself I made the mistake of making salsa without gloves and my hands burned for hours so I can imagine how much yours burned.

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