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Welcome Uther

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Pendragon, I presume?


Have you been here before? Or are you new to these parts.... I am old and my memory isn't what it was.

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Ow, hey! 
Thank you for the welcome!
Was busy writing a post myself, but I suppose I could write some here ;)

Some may have known me under an old alias (Merlin Stargazer), though I'm really not sure if I was part of the old Northlands.
At least I couldn't find any e-mails relating to it :P .

Saw Soulie's (hey you!) invite on Facebook, so thought I'd just sign up and see what's up. ^_^ 
I do remember being on one of her boards in the past, the Goodkind one I  believe.
So long since we went to the same school, 13 years ago or so?

Chose to go with Uther this time around, as it's a long standing handle these days.
It's not specific to the Pendragon, though, although I am quite interested in the Arthurian myths and legends, so in that way it could fit as well.
It's mostly derived from (World of) Warcraft, where I play(ed) a paladin Utherson, which I made out to be a bastard son of the well-known Uther, there.

Never sure what to tell, even at 35, so just ask away if you want to know anything.

edit 2:
I have also use the dutch_celt monicker here and there, maybe people remember that?

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I don't remember either of those names though there was a plain ol Merlin once upon a time. Anyway regardless,  you found us now and so you can never leave. 

Um I mean you are very welcome ^_^

I have a question... You went to school with  @SoulDragon? Was she naughty? I bet she was always smoking behind the bike sheds eh? xD

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I was like 21-23 or so when I went there, not quite the age you need to things like that anymore :P 

I do remember skipping school and/or classes every now and then to go to the pub 9_9

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