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I've been attending this neat therapy group both my case worker and therapist teach that is really cool. It uses this new method called ACT which I never used before. It goes along with lines like CBT, DBT, etc but it's different. It seems to involve more acceptance which is more in line with my beliefs.

Attached is a worry box I created. Each week I put my worries/anxiety on a note card and look at them each week. If the anxiety no longer exists on that topic, I tear the card up and throw it away. If the anxiety still exists, I simply put it back in the box. It's a great way to visualize and deal with anxiety in a heathy way. 


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      Every now and then I get this way, especially when I'm not feeling well physically. For like, a good three years I was enjoying being single. I'd previously gone from ages 14 to 27 with maybe a few months total in between serious relationships, so it was new and liberating. I got to make connections with a few different women and move about the country. Lately though, I've been really missing the intimacy. Just the simple things, a hug here, a kiss there, a cuddle if I really needed it. And I do today. Blah.
      I'll feel better tomorrow, but it's a firm reminder that I need to get healthy enough to be able to have a relationship again.
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