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What are you listening to at the moment? Spyder

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    • By hirondelle
      Do you have any media based guilty pleasures?  Not something you brag about or discuss in the office maybe - but something you enjoy on your own, with perhaps a tub of ice-cream...
      Here is one of mine:
    • By Mirbiggs
      Listen to Come & Gone by bocifer #np on #SoundCloud
      this was my band a few years back
    • By Timberwolf
      OK, If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 albums would you bring with you and why?  Now, before you get carried away with yourself, these cannot be compilations made by you or your friend or a friend of a friend.  If you choose a compilation, it must be a compilation that can be bought publicly, either in a store or online, and I don't mean like buying 2+ albums and saying that it's a compilation, because, really, it isn't.
      Maybe your answers will inspire others to listen to different types of music regardless if it's in your favorite genre or not.
      Oh, , I'm saving my 3 albums until others have posted.   
    • By Songmistress
      I figure I should settle in and make myself comfy. The Wolf and The Goddess would expect me to be the first to post in this forum; I would not wish to disappoint either of them.
      For those of you who don't know, I am (out there in the real world) a professional singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, a recording artist and performer; I'm a solo artist, as well as being part of a band. I am really not tooting my own horn here, because that is not one of the intruments I play. 
      What I want to do with this thread is to make a place where I can share with you some great music from lesser known independent artists you may not be aware of, but are very worth the knowing and the listening to.   Yeah, I'll probably post a link or two to my own stuff from time to time, but don't worry; I'm not making this about me. There will be lots of variety and I hope you'll stay tuned in and, hopefully, find some new faves among my fellow indie artists. 
      I will start with the incredible Siobhan Mazzei and her song 'Courage of Your Convictions'.  https://siobhanmazzei.bandcamp.com/track/courage-of-your-convictions
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