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    This made me happy over the weekend.
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    A really great chat with a motivating, inspiring, amazing human. I am just so consistently amazed by the people in my life. Damn.
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    Almost done a paper. Almost done the class. Woooooooo!
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    I’m finally getting the hang of this grad school stuff that’s been kicking my ass lately. All my late work grades came in yesterday so it was nice to know I’m not failing.
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    This is for yesterday - The message I got yesterday! Which you will find out about tomorrow!
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    Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan. Time for Christmas music!!
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    A local group I helped organize has had 2 great meetings.
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    Green tea, Japanese style.
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    Water, because I'm at work.
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    This was a last week, and then Tuesday. I got my Thai motorcycle drivers license, which was last week, and I had to change the battery on my bike, which was on Monday, and then on Tuesday, I got my bike running again. It's so nice to be riding again. I've missed it.
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    That is exactly where I am. I want more but I am so grateful for this I won't jeopardise it by clinging and whining. Know that inside I'm clinging and whining tho. 😍
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    It wasn't today, but it was this week. Or end of last? Maybe. Anyway. Bob. I was re-reading an old journey and I mentioned Bob and reading that and knowing why just makes me happy. And also really, really sad. But I'm going to hold the happy and be thankful that I had him in my life when I did, how I did, and for as long as I did. I miss him.
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    Thank you @hirondelle for being my constant. Seriously. I just fucking love you and appreciate that we can always pick up. I miss you and I want to be closer again, but we have this and I will fucking take it.
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    And almost two years later, that is closer to where I am. Now that my brain is much more clear of fog and cobwebs. And this conversation. Has damn near made everything worth it. As I said elsewhere, I'm hella amused.
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    FYI "HEY THERE ARE FUCKING ROCKS" caused unseemly chortling on public transport. I hear ya @fox. Uninvited rocks and invited fishes are in no way comparable and I fear had I experienced what you described I would have been sorely tempted to mutiny and leave the captain stranded on the aforementioned rocks with EXTREMELY limited provisions.
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    Right it's like we are on the same journey in the same boat but looking out of difference windows. I'm like "ooohhh fishes" and you are "OMFG ROCKS". 😍❤️ Not saying I'm looking through the 'right window' or anything... The fish probably have poison barbs, because LIFE FFS 😉
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    I just really love the title of this book. AND. I'm dying at our side by side right now. That's some funny shit, right there.
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    Pinot gris. Because fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhckitall.
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    Nescafe red cup because I set the bar pretty low on Monday
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    More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory By Eve Rickert
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    We just got a Nintendo Switch, and I'm so hooked on Mario Kart right now! I forgot how addictive it is.
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    Rocks were uninvited and came at a bad time. I said "HEY! THERE ARE FUCKING ROCKS, LOOK OUT" and yet, shitty captain steered right for them and smashed the goddamn boat. Heh. So now I'm trying to understand that psychology of rocks. 🤣