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    After years of pretending to be ok and failing I have been persuaded (by people who care about me) to have therapy. I am going to see a CBT trained therapist weekly at the moment. It is interesting, I have only had two sessions and while I am getting better at recognising problems I haven't learned really how to fix them haha. So it kind of feels worse, but at least I have the sense that I am 'on it'. There is a relief at least in looking under the rug (that I have been sweeping shit under) and acknowledging what is there. Anyone else have experience with therapy? Good or bad? Or would like to try it?
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    Welcome home Mistress Raina - good to see you again, digitally speaking. 😍
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    They need to hurry up and make more umbrella academy. Royal pains and lost girl again
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    The Umbrella Academy Drugs inc: The fix
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    Captain Marvel I realy enjoyed it!
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    It’s good to be back! How I’ve missed everyone!
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    This will be my favorite show forever!!! Wish it could go on forever.
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    Yay!!! Thenorthlands still lives!! 😀
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    Firebrand by Kristen Britain
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    Captain Marvel then I finally watched Indinity War
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    I shouldn't be....cause school is in session, but I'm re-reading the wheel of time. Needed somthing to try to settle my mind and take it off some people at work that have be not thinking clearly. =P
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    Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation The Nutcracker and the Four Realms The Grinch
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    Venom Aquaman The Predator Bird Box Get Out The Terminal Rampage
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    Aquaman Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse The Party's Just Beginning
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    Yes, and from what I have read they plan on making more movies. I'm not sure, but I also remember reading about them doing a tv series. Just don't know if that is still going to happen.
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    That I'm taking tomorrow off.....so won't get to see her on one of the 2 days a week she's in the office....=P