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    Nice glasses Dulcet! They really suit you! See you may not be quite as sexy as @Kethlia but you are still a hottie
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    ~hugs @hirondelle & @Timberwolf~ That's just what it took to make it to adulthood... I try not to live with regrets although I fully realise my childhood screwed up parts of me. But it also made me who I am. And on my good days I really like who I am, and on the other days I'm glad I'm strong if nothing else. I had a therapist try to do hypnotic regression therapy with me once to help my ptsd but I couldn't do it more than once.
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    I like that this has that tip of the iceberg feel to it, like you just know there's so much more out there
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    My mum did that to a large extent, but what she couldn't see and what everyone around her could see is that is was a kind of unwanted martyrdom. Yes, my dad took advantage of it as men of that generation were inclined to do, negligently rather than maliciously... but I think he would have preferred the slightly more selfish version of her. Their marriage would have been more fulfilling for both of them if she hadn't made it so easy for him to take her for granted. I know every story is different but I guess you have to balance what you want to do for your children and how you want to empower them. You have to model independence as well as be there for them. I know you know this. Glad to hear you found a way to find yourself again @Squarepeg also enjoy the photographs that come from your solitary walks and coffees.
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    I had that same problem, @Tika. Giving myself away to the point i almost lost myself completely. The doc told me I needed to be selfish! The thing is, it worked. I took time for myself every Saturday and Sunday morning, I went for a swim and a coffee and just took time for me. I still go for a coffee by myself or take a long walk along the canal if I feel I need to every now and then, it helps to ground myself and to realise I'm my own person, as well as a husband and father...and someone who uses the term "myself" an awful lot!
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    That is the best compliment ever! . And I think you're absolutely beautiful as you are. Thank you @Timberwolf I agree that curves on a woman are beautiful, I'm much more drawn to curvy women myself (I'm just harder on me lol. And thank you
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    I haven't tried that, I have problems getting my mind to be still, like, ever... I'll have to look into that
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    Good post. I have the hardest time loving myself / accepting myself too. I don't even have the baby making excuse for being a mess. Also - I like you in colour, but yes you do have an old-timey beauty. Although I think I see you as that voluptuous wild west hooker type (I don't mean that offensively it is one of my favourite looks, lmao). But yeah, silk lace ribbons and liquor would suit you fine.
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    Yeah, this was well outside my comfort zone for writing erotica. Probably a big part of why I took on the prompt to begin with. I mean, I love gentle femdom in general, but this would be unpleasant, to say the least.
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    Really well done, thanks for posting it.
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    Thank you it was fun to do and I can see how it could be a bit addictive if I can get past that awkward talking to myself thing lol. ~snuggles~ I love being properly friends now
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    OMG I loved that, loved listening to you!! I feel like we are properly friends now - how lovely.
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    Good start! Look forward to reading more!
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    I tried the other method - stayed on FB but started following some people espousing the opposite viewpoint to me, like Paul Joseph Watson, Steven Crowder and Milo Yiannopoulos (to name but 3). I noticed a few things. 1) They are intelligent charismatic guys and do a good job of presenting their bullshit opinions. 2) Watch / read them enough and their shit starts to sound more reasonable. 3) Moving from shit sounding reasonable to actually changing your whole perspective is possible - and not as much of a leap as you think. 4) Once you understand this you realise your opinion is meaningless and founded on whoever you allow to influence you. 5) There is no truth. 6) The people who follow them are all stupid though, just read those comments FFS. 7) As these guys are intelligent they probably know this and don't believe their own bullshit. They are just doing a job. Entertaining the bottom feeders, for money. 8) Engaging with this is therefore worse than meaningless. 9) Watching / reading nothing is better, none of it means anything, nihilism is real. 10) Much more free time and complete pass to not give a fuck about politics. At all. Ever again.
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    I know we haven't talked much, but I think NL would be emptier without you. So pour out the contents of your vessel and feel free to be the amazing "vessel" until you're ready to refill it with stuff that makes you happy instead of what makes others happy.
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    I like the name The Northlnads hahahahaha
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    Great for an appeteaser! May we have another episode please?
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    OMG this is amazing, It feels like the fragment of a novel - is Logan a werewolf?! I wan't to read more!!
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    Is it bad that my first thought was "I harassed you until you relented and starting dieting again!"
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    Oh my goodness your voice and your accent! I could listen to you read the phone book lol. I think I may have mentioned somewhere I have a thing for voices and yours is wonderful! I love the rambling too it really does present a whole other side of you from what comes across through text. ~sits and waits patiently for more~
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    Keep us posted on your linguistic journey. May the music of the world guide you through the tough times as well.
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    I will stay for as long as I am. I will not make a promise to my loved ones because I never want to break a promise to them. And you are loved! Yes you reading this now.
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    Dulcet is Beautiful in the Confidence that he shows and he progress he has made thus far. Way to go my friend.
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    stay here forever Keth, please
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    Oh @Tika. That is so hard! I wish you didn't have to go through all that. Nobody should have to go through that.
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    tough story @Tika I am sorry you went through that
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    Sorry you feel this bad. I had a bad turn a few years ago where I was replaying a negative loop. It created quite bad insomnia and in the end I had to go to the docs for some pharmaceutical help. He gave me 10 days worth of Xanax which I managed to make last a month haha. Anyway forget what your kids think, it is easy knowing everything when you are young. Focus on putting yourself first for a while @Tika. Between your job, kids and lover I feel you might be in danger of giving yourself away. Love ya lady... thank you for dreaming of me ❤️
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    It' s nice to hear your voice! I am one of the few who have had the privilege to actually meet you in person and Autumn and I both miss you when you go (and @Timberwolf of course!), so listening to you ramble helps with that. I'll be keeping an ear peeled for the next installment.
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    I've never really tried mindful meditation per say, I just feel when I need to meditate (when I remember) I does me loads of good. You should really give it a go and see how it works. My recommendation is not to try it once, try it a few different times, try it different times of the day to see if that makes a difference, try it before you eat, or after you eat, first thing after you wake up, or last thing right before bed. One of them is bound to be best.
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    Pretty sure she is a daemon *nods* As erotica, reading about frustration doesn't work for me... I am not much for withheld orgasms,,, (as @Timberwolf will attest when he has teased me too long I get angry and I believe I have even kicked him lol). But as a technical exercise it is interesting, and made an entertaining short.
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    Awesome start! I'm also looking forward to reading/hearing more.
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    And maybe he is just a douche that's wants his cakes and to dip then whenever wherever too. ;p Cyra has claws and the making of a good thief or assasin.
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    This is amazing brother very impressive.
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    @Timberwolf Awesome beginning, it's definitely a different writing style for you than what I am use to seeing in our home outside of the underworld. By the second moment of killing I was use to David's pattern then you hit me with the third twist and I had to reread it several times until I realized it was really happening as you continued to write. Now I am left wondering about what could possibly happen next. Thank you for posting this wolf daddy.
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    Both @Phoenix and @hirondelle bring up good points. I personally tend to read an article, then research the information presented in the article from other than named sources, even if it’s something I believe in or somebody I like. For example, I love the band KISS (my #2 all time favorite bands), and my favorite members of the band are Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley (2 polar opposite people in almost every way except they played in the same band together... twice). I hear and read a lot of things that Gene Simmons says and think “Phuk dude, just shut the hell up before you kill everything you ever worked for”. Then I read some of the things he says and I’m like “Hell phuk yeah!” Then I read/hear things Ace Frehley says, and I think “Awesomeness dude!” Then I read some of the other things and think, “what a phuking idiot!” I do my best to keep things in perspective and look at more than one side to an argument, even if it pisses me off. Lol. One thing I learned from on3 of my favorite YouTubers, Phillip Defranco, always leave room for the discussion (my words, not his) keep up the great writing @Phoenix. I enjoy your writing.
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    All I can say is sometimes, want is more powerful than need. I need to go to work to pay my bills. I want to live in Thailand because I love it. I could live in the States where I would make more money, but I want to live in Thailand. Wanting is a choice. Need, there is no choice. Being able to choose is an incredible thing. Being chosen can be even more powerful. If I am chosen, I feel honored. That means I am special. Your friends choose to hang out with you, so they are saying that you are special, that’s why they chose you. Just my opinion though.
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    You did indeed accomplish everything you said you would so far. Don't let us keep you from shining even more from your own creative brilliance. 😎
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    It’s still there
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    Yeah, I was thinking of using the N4 exam materials there as an option. I'll just have to not be very hard on myself if I go that route, as my textbook isn't geared specifically toward the JLPT.
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    I agree you are easy to talk to, but you are quiet. Or maybe that is because when @Songmistressand I get together you can't get a word in edgeways. I love your photography. I love that you see beauty in every one. I think @Timberwolfdoes to. It's a gift I envy.
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    Yeah, that's how I ended up with my current wardrobe, heh.
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    I can't wait to hear how this travel goes for you and your mother. Yea!
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    I love your voice. I'll also not down notes during the week so I can be organised. I think you're right about the importance of being involved with the community. I'll vouch for Dom saying the admin panel is fun but it means nothing if you have little activity. I've enjoyed all the versions of NL and will always call it my home. Thank you for bringing it back after all these years.
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    Yes you can share the one you wrote the other day (that worried me) and the one you said you wrote but was scared to share on FB
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    :cuggle: Thanks for sharing and I am hoping and praying for your return to a normal pain free or as painless as possible life soon. I look forward to this journey that you take. You have made it this far because of your choice to fight against it. I tip my hat to you.
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    That's about where I'm at with struggling with it. I can read (not necessarily listen, another problem) the language much better than I can produce it myself. The workbook has been challenging me to do that, but I feel like I need more. And that I need to read more sentences so I'm constantly reinforcing the grammar. I'm close to the end of "beginner" level and entering into "intermediate," so I think I'm close to being able to read children's books and things like NHK Easy News. Once I get to that point, I think I'll do so much better, but my English-to-Japanese is probably going to suffer until I find someone else to correct me. But...that involves...people.
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    I have all the katakana memorized, so I hadn't thought about that. I suppose one could set up flashcards for them easily enough, though; flashcard creation is pretty simple. And yes, I could import other sets if I wanted. There isn't an easy way to export my set, though, which bothers me since that's a lot of unrecoverable work if I had a hard drive crash or something. I should probably go digging into the files and manually back up my set while I'm thinking about it. Haven't done that in a while. The learning's going slow, which is my fault as much as anything. I had a lot of zeal for it when I first started earlier in the year but that's subsided a bit. It's also a lot more challenging now than it was when I was in full review mode, too. I probably need to spend some time reviewing my process and seeing what I can add and/or streamline. That just requires so much work, though!