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    I just want to couch, blanket, coffee, carbs, and Doctor Who. That's it. Just that. All day.
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    Walking around naked cleaning while waiting for bath to run, joys of having the house to yourself
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    @hirondelle There display picture. Happy?
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    I should be studying/assignment-ing. Dammit NL.
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    So I know I said I was jacked to be writing, even assignments, but I just hit the one I saved for last. Ughhhh. I just want to shower, go to bed, and read. Dammit. OKAY. BUCKLE DOWN, fox. NL is my reward.
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    Friday the 13th? Check. Super short staffed at work tonight? Check. (Me and 1 nurse for 66 residents for part of the night tonight and just me, 1 other cna and 1 nurse the rest of the night) 3 hours or less of sleep? Check. All the caffeine? Check. Good to go lol
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    I hope the day goes well and your night goes by even better.
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    I like Michael Fassbender.
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    It feels good to be inspired to write a story. Thank you @Squarepeg.
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    In good news... 3 days off!!!!!
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    I wonder how many parents are led in bed with there children watching Lion king at 5:47 in the morning. I can not be the only one!
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    Passed my Data Structures class with a B!!
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    Tired Rapture does not due mornings. *yawn* (is morning for me)
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    Yes, I know the board is doing that thing again. Remember, it only looks like your signed out. If you hit Ctrl-F5, you will see you're still signed in.
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    Where am i? Who am i? Who are you people?!
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    this is what happens when you RTFM
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    GAH. One more topic (and an introduction/thesis statement and conclusion) to write! WHY DID I WAIT TWELVE YEARS TO WRITE ANOTHER FRAKKING ACADEMIC PAPER!?
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    Haha Love your cover photo. Love.
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    I need to stop checking the rpg forum to see if people have responded. I"M NOT ADDICTED!
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    Takes another drink from my NL home and breathes deeply. I swear there is nothing like coming home, going on break or any free time I feel the urge to log in and catch up. No frills just thrills, laughs and innuendo.
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    Excited to play (ice) hockey in about an hour and a half! Loving playing again!
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    Btw, I got it (in case anyone is following that thread and wondering)!!
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    So nice to have our home back the way it should be.
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    So my back is broken now... picking up a person off the floor by myself and putting them back in bed is totally proper body mechanics... right?
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    Bad day today done posting for now maybe tomorrow I’ll spam again
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