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    @Spyder 🕷️ Hi. xo 🦊
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    Divine intervention from and angel in a t-shirt tux bringing the message 'Love your peoples, people'! Love you Northlanders ❤️
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    I dislike long chapters. Give me a short one any day. As a writer, I use short chapters as a tool. As long as what you are writing interests the reader even just a little bit, short chapters will keep them reading your book. They'll look ahead and see that there are only two pages left to go and they'll keep reading. Then, as long as you can end the chapter with reader wanting more, they'll look ahead again and say, "Only four pages in the next chapter? Done," and they'll keep reading. If you chain hooks and short chapters you can make people think that an okay book is great simply because they won't put it down. It's kind of a cheap trick, but boy if it doesn't work.
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    This thread is just ridiculous, and I love it! Pizza + Pineapple = Yes! Sorry all you psycho's that just don't understand deliciousness, but you're just wrong. That being said, anchovies are the worst. They could disappear forever and it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all.
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    Nice to be back, more or less anyway. I don't hate long chapters, per se, but I usually don't get a lot uninterrupted time with witch to read and I like to be able to stop at a chapter if possible. If they're short, it's usually easy, if not, well...
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    Thanks @hirondelle
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    Wow. I love these pics @Forest Mage
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    Nice to see you back @Lightningfall, personally I would prefer a long one any day. But like you I do enjoy short punchy chapters.
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    Thank you Spy! @Spyder I think I might be less shit this year.
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    That @hirondelle went up in her first partial suspension and full suspension yesterday.
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    So very much always.
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    This is interesting. I will be back soon with an answer or three, but there's thinking to do on the topic first.
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    Oh, definitely. I don't think ESPN has their Pick 'Em game up yet but once they do I'll get everything setup and post a link in here so that anybody on NL that wants to play can jump in.
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    guess we are both still carrying that torch eh @fox
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    That's pretty awesome @Dulcet! I'm super proud of you. You've worked hard for this. I love the new work space as well. Keep up the amazing work and keep us posted on things.
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    Lately, I mostly drink Leo beer, but I do like a single scotch or a gin from time to time.
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    Solo: A Star Wars Story Won't You Be My Neighbor? Ant-Man and The Wasp
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    Legit loling. 🤣 Because TR00! ...and also I just picked up the first Harry Dresden book to read for the (I think) third time. Because I NEED FICTION NAO.
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    I've been attending this neat therapy group both my case worker and therapist teach that is really cool. It uses this new method called ACT which I never used before. It goes along with lines like CBT, DBT, etc but it's different. It seems to involve more acceptance which is more in line with my beliefs. Attached is a worry box I created. Each week I put my worries/anxiety on a note card and look at them each week. If the anxiety no longer exists on that topic, I tear the card up and throw it away. If the anxiety still exists, I simply put it back in the box. It's a great way to visualize and deal with anxiety in a heathy way.
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    Welcome to the site.
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    Hello @RavenBelladonna not sure if you are a new friend or an old friend with a new name - but you are most welcome
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    Welcome @RavenBelladonna!
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    What is wrong with you people? Hawaiian pizza is the ultra ultimate. I thought we could be friends... Maybe even lovers... But now, I'm disgusted with my original thought. Hating on pineapple pizzas. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
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    Yes yes yes! I actually really love pineapple on pizza. Not ALL pizzas. But Hawaiian...or that Jamaican jerk wonder that @Kenai just described, that sounds awesome. But yes, I totally dig pineapple on pizza. (No one else in my house does. I have children and they are alllllllllllllllllllllll about no pineapple. Just meat. Always and forever, just meat.)