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    This made me happy over the weekend.
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    A really great chat with a motivating, inspiring, amazing human. I am just so consistently amazed by the people in my life. Damn.
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    Almost done a paper. Almost done the class. Woooooooo!
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    I’m finally getting the hang of this grad school stuff that’s been kicking my ass lately. All my late work grades came in yesterday so it was nice to know I’m not failing.
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    This is for yesterday - The message I got yesterday! Which you will find out about tomorrow!
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    Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan. Time for Christmas music!!
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    A local group I helped organize has had 2 great meetings.
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    @Forest Mage, there is a Tremors 6???? We just watched Cool Runnings the other night, and it was the first time @hirondellehad seen it.
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    Green tea, Japanese style.
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    Water, because I'm at work.
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    This was a last week, and then Tuesday. I got my Thai motorcycle drivers license, which was last week, and I had to change the battery on my bike, which was on Monday, and then on Tuesday, I got my bike running again. It's so nice to be riding again. I've missed it.
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    We just got a Nintendo Switch, and I'm so hooked on Mario Kart right now! I forgot how addictive it is.