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    The Mysterious Cities of Gold. My one true favorite. Everything else was just playing for second.
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    My apologies for my absence but school has kept me quite busy. But the time has come for me to announce some big ass news. I'm moving. It's Section 8/HUD housing with the cheapest rent based off my income and me being a student. Since 2009, I have been a part of a residential program in my county's health department program. I've lived with all sorts of crazy room mates. Some good, bad, and the current two I have are actually decent human beings. Unfortunately, we tried living together and it did not work out, so I doubt it'll work out in the community (with no staff). About a month ago a got the letter my name had come up on the list. After going on an interview and filling out more paperwork than I'll ever do again, the process is finally OVER. I was given permission to tour the place and move in. It's on the 4th floor with an elevator. Because this is literally the ONLY forum on earth I can say this without offending those here It's ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!! I'll be on Facebook if you need me. Just happy I could check in. For those sending xmas cards, hopefully the mail will forward because not even I know my exact address yet. Just thought I'd pop in and make this announcement.
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    Pretty car love. I've got a car now, and I'm learning to drive. One of my uncle's sold it to us, because he wanted another truck. :3
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    My sweet Rhea. Got her 2 weeks ago but she makes me happy every day
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    They day Dom arrived in Thailand will always be my favourite day. Meeting him at the airport, the taxi home, fucking, unpacking, talking fucking, dinner, shopping, coming home and fucking to music this time. (Lol, we bought a stereo on the first day he arrived because I had left my husband and had taken almost nothing with me - and just lived in possession-less limbo until Dom arrived). Also on holiday in Krabi, Dom and I drank coffee and talked and ate great food and were amazed at the beauty of the world and sat on the beach at night and listened to the sea. I think another wonderful day in my pre Dom life was the first time I went to a tropical island. I was living with 2 female friends in Singapore and we went to Pulau Babi Besar in Malaysia. It was insanely beautiful, we arrived via a small boat late at night and there was phosphorescent plankton in the sea that sparkled in the wake of the boat and in the waves that splashed around the sides. I got off the boat and stood on the beach in the moonlight and starlight, and the air was warm and the beach was surrounded by silhouettes of palm trees. I have experienced that many times since, and I always love it - but the first time blew my mind.
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    Don't really do much in the way of live music, but I did get to see Chris Rock live back in May, which was awesome.
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    So Many pretty photos!
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    Thank you love...It was a good day.
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    @Spyder That's badass. @hirondelle - did you know about this?
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    I have found toothache responds excellently to strong drugs. So toothache for me too - plus drugs. Please.
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    @SpyderI love it. I love you. Thank you for the pics. I can almost forgive you for not showing me despite being in regular (as in at least once a year ha) contact on Whatsapp.
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    o_O My bad. Thought I had shared it with you guys before now. Have had it for 3-4 years now.
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    That Spyder was lost in his mind, yes... yes I did. That he had a tattoo of the phrase... I don't think I so @fox. I remember talk - Texas longhorn on the arm / Texas flag on the heart. But I have no recollection of actual ink. We obviously need photos. Obviously. Big Obvious.
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    He-Man, She-Ra, and the My Little Ponies were top three. There were others, but those were most important.
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    Just so you know, The Northlands has been updated to the latest version. If there are any issues, please let me know as soon as possible.
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    Being asked in for follow-up talks in regards to a job application
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    Beautiful quick videos @icewlf. I hope you have fun!
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    It's FAIRLY stereotypical, but the births of my boys were mine. For the eldest, it was that moment, in transition, when I literally said "this is really fucking cool," just before his delivery. For the littlest, it was the entire (incredibly fucking fast) labour and delivery (except the back labour. NOT a good feeling). I caught him, and cut his chord. It was incredible. I need to note here that it's not JUST because that's when I met my boys, which is, of course, glorious. But, almost more importantly (for me), it's when I recognized the primal, vicious strength I possess. I learned to completely let go in those moments (I am a BIT of a control freak), and it was fucking stunning. (Please note: I am NOT one of those orgasmic birth folks. It hurt. A lot. )
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    Remembering that I'm worth loving. (By my Self. Like. Obviously the people who love me, but I'm actually worth my own love. I'd forgotten that. In a monumental way. I'm getting a glimpse tonight. It's powerful and amazing and I'm happy for it and I hope I can keep and grow this feeling.)
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    because @fox once he starts it is hard to shut him up [/sarcasm]
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    WHOA. WhatsApp. I HAVE WHATSAPP, SPY. Wanna chat!?
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    I do love their hats, and i could go for a parrot Likes kitties
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    I love books, but I don't have the luxury of space for them and hate having to sell them / give them away. So ebooks are a godsend for me. Also much easier to carry around, read on my commute etc. Additionally in most cases the kindle version is cheaper and I don't have to pay shipping. And finally purchase / delivery is instant so you can go from - hmm I fancy reading X to actually reading X in seconds rather than having to schedule a trip to Waterstones.
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    Just played through the main story in The Witcher 3. Best game I've played in a long time, maybe years. I'm dabbling into the Hearts of Stone DLC a bit now.
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    I completely forgot about checking here for my birthday! A rather belated thank you for the birthday wishes.
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    With this ring by Patricia Kay
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    Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson Edgedancer, by Brandon Sanderson The Demon Awakens, by R.A. Salvatore
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    Gut Feeling by Victoria Browne
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    Having a place like Northlands, where I can go online without my parents following.....so I can vent and have some peace
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    I'm not re-learning....I never knew in the first place.....on a side, note, I'm watching Yu-Gi-Oh on twitch...and this shadow monster has a monster for a schlong.....not sure how they slipped that past the censors on a kids show......just thought I'd share =P
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    I plan on seeing it.
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    lol Yeah.. I can't tell you how much time I spend looking through everything. I'll put a ton of stuff in my queue, and then sit there and feel like I don't have anything to watch.... Sometimes, I'll close my eyes and press a ton of arrow buttons, and randomly pick something. Most of the time, I'm pleased with what I end up watching lol!
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    @KethliaAwesome, more than anyone here :). I don't know either of those drama's, or do you mean"The 1st shop of coffee prince", i really liked that one. As for k-pop i must admit i also don't listen to much others besides my two favorites; Shinhwa and Kim Jong Kook, for the rest i mostly i only know them by name. Like BoA and Bi, i have heard of them and might have heard some music from them because of the variety show i watch. hihi
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    My sister is obsessed and has forced me to watch a few. Then I watched a few episodes with her. I'm by no means up to date on any but I've seen some episodes