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    Coffee, too much coffee - wish I could drink alcohol but I just can't
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    Random nonsensical results work in my favour as I make random nonsensical choices. I am beating you and @Timberwolfthe first time ever 🤣
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    It’s online at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). I would go brick and mortar but most data science programs are online and those around here that have it aren’t well established. I got to peek inside my classroom this week and I’m excited. I’ll soon be able to fiddle with datasets and I’ll post stuff here and on my site. I bought a domain but it’s under construction now but when I have stuff to post I’ll probably duo-post it here as well via blog. My first two grad classes are Project Management and Foundations of Data. I’m nervous because I tested out of stats and the basic IT crap since my undergrad was in IT. So far the people posting have at least a decade of industry experience. But I’ll be ok. I prepped pretty well these last few months. I wish you luck @fox in your graduate endeavor.
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    Oh cool! Is it an online institution, or an online program, @Dulcet? Brick and mortar. UNBC: https://www.unbc.ca/ (My undergrad alma mater.)
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    I can't remember the last time I had back-to-back weeks of awful, awful picks like this when picking the games straight up. I just have no idea who is going to win games this year.
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    Words cannot describe my happiness right now. I’ll be starting grad school in October to pursue data analytics. I’ve been in school since 2004. It’s kinda my favorite topic. I recently completed my bachelors in IT. Student advisers are why. So much props to you for taking on that role. Seriously, you’re awesome. I’m a bit nervous going into grad school as this time I actually have to get one of those gigs that actually pays money. But data science is hot so I’m not too worried. But I can say being an online student gets lonely. Lots of people hate communicating so group projects suck. @fox is your school online or brick and mortar?