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    Like word association but this time we let our phone do the smart talking. Sanjay (santa?)
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    *spins on the spot till she falls down.* Someone play with me! I'm bored!!!!!!!!!!
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    So...infinity war....no words hence just a status update to say yes I've seen it and it killed a huge part if me!
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    Anything I've read I have mostly written fanfics. From Terry Brooks, T.A. Barron, Kim Harrison, Tamora Pierce, Manga, Manwa, to videos like 12 Kingdoms.
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    I read nothing but fanfics, I also write a hell of a lot. I'm into Sherlock fics as well as SG1 and also Dr Who. My account on faniction.net is mostly Dr Who fics I have written and my AO3 account is all Sherlock, think I have over 30 fics written, some still WIP's (works in progress) but most are finished. Feel free to have a look, there is a link on my Twitter page @aliealouise
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    ^ my mother's height. 413
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    Finally recieved recognition for increasing our speed of service and customer connection from the grocery store. Wow!
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    Beautiful and already a heartbreaker.
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    Oh look an entire bottle of wine fits in here... lol
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    Hello @Sabrana669 may the woods and darkness ever call to your writer's soul ;p
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    She is gorgeous @Mirbiggs
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    we're paying an extra month at the old place because we took too damned long to move out. But other than that, okay.
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    The fact that even on my off days for being a simple grocery store barista I still have the mind to make my customer's drink just perfectly every time they visit. Sometimes I am blank and just there on autopilot.
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    Thank you giving me an outlet when nothing else comes to mind to help ke escape from my blank thoughts.
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    Seeing Songmistress get BBC recognition from her posts on FB
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    It makes me happy I only have to work 4 more hours and then I'm off for 2 days, the full moon craziness is already starting, I've got one resident singing at the top of her lungs (had to bring her roommate out by me so she could sleep) and I just found another one in the bed he had just made himself on the floor (cause it's cooler down there)
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    Jacques Pepin and his granddaughter Shorey.
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    Probably the last harvest. 44 this morning...supposed to drop into the 20s for a few days....=P
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    And this from today at Loughborough's first Comic-Con with Danny John-Jules. Good day today.