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    I will be posting my photographic and traditional art in here. I hope you enjoy what you see. This is one of Autumn I took last year for her album "The Other Side".
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    I'm more excited about this being back than I would have thought. Thanks guys. Really, actually. I think I really need this. I hope I can make proper time for it. So. How're things? <3
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    Two years ago I was fat. 5 foot 2 and 190 pounds fat. I hit my weight goal of 125 last week. I haven't hit that weight again since, I'm still bouncing between that and 128, but eventually I'll figure out this maintaining business. I didn't do any special diets or anything. I mainly just cut the amount of calories I was eating until I matched actual serving sizes on the food. I also cut out soda, eating out a lot, and easy to make meals. (aka frozen foods). I feel so much better after, and the amount of energy I have seems insane to me. I guess I just felt like bragging a little.
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    This one is for the Old Ones. I thought it would be nice to have a thread to go "OMG do you remember [insert name / event / thread here]" I will start.. do you remember this bannner?
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    This place. I'M AT WORK. All I want to do is check, refresh, check, refresh, post, read, check, refresh. Good grief. ...I'm weak.
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    Yes that is why I'm happy today. This place is back! Let's make it great again! 😂😂😂
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    Awh. You guys. <3 All the love. Always. Thank you! So good to be here. So amazing to see all you wonderful folks.
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    ~sneaks in with a big grin on her face~ It's so awesome to be back here! I'm fantasymom or fantasy_mom or FM or just Heather . ~gives everyone here a round of snuggles~
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    Also if you start a thread and ppl post in it you get rep. That's why I have so much despite not having posted a lot. Everytime one of you minions post in mah thread I get rep. It's like tax... and you are my vassals.
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    Not only is this place back, but chatting with all of you feels natural... which is saying a lot because I hate talking to people.
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    Well you know what to do the wife and I went on a date and we had Snapchat fun while waiting for the movie to start
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    Thanks! Here it is and one I did of Autumn.
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    Guys. I do not have the time to make to tell you individually how awesome it is to see you, so Ima say it here. HI EVERYONE, WELCOME HOME! Thanks for a new NL (AGAIN), Wolf and goddess. It's good to be home, among family again. xo
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    Awesome! And...ALLOT I only have two, dunno if you guys saw them yet or not. First pic you can see them both, one on my right wrist and one on my right lower leg. (sorry for the look on my face there, it was at least 35 C/95 F and we just hiked for 4 hours there )
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    goddam friendly mothephukers I hope you blocked them
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    Hi folks, still raekin... One of the rare British type folks on here!
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    So we are back! Yayness to the max! I started to think how long it has been and wow it's been ages. I remember when 1.0 I was the only one still on it trying to revive it and the wolf and goddes came back and made 2.0 and we came back so strong for so long. It was my escape room.Then Facebook happened and people didn't find forums as much fun anymore, life happened I had two kids and a demanding retail management job and the rest is history. But we are back and that makes me happy! Thank you @Timberwolf and @hirondelle for making this place again. Love you guys!
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    Hi everyone! I was once known as KnightJFL, but decided to go with something different this time around.
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    Beautiful animals all! This is our one cats, Roso. She made me fall in love with her the first day we met her, when I was holding her and she looked up at me with this face full of love. This isn't that picture, but you can see how beautiful she is. Next is our lovely babydog, Spike. Talk about smart, lol, he can actually count. When I'm eating my pizza, he knows how many pieces I eat, he will get out of his bed to get his piece of crust. We found this out one time when I had an extra piece, from @hirondelle, and he got out of his bed before I was finished. Lastly is the Queen of the house, Lily. She is the one in charge of everybody, and she isn't afraid to let you know. LOL. We love all three, they are our babies.
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    *hugs @foxhard* I have missed youbso much and if I wasn't sat in my car waiting to tale my little boy to school I would be crying my eyes out. Thank you so much for your words, you have always been and will always be a great friend! One of my main triggers this year has been loneliness. I have my family and work but I do not have friends, friends that I feel like I can turn to and open up to. But now my home is back, I have my friends back and as soon as @hirondelletold me this was back I jumped at the chance to finally come back when I have missed it so much more than in could ever put into words. So thank you my family, my true friends you all mean the world to me x x
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    I can make sure you get it.
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    I love Druss's priorities! First on the list of things he likes 😂 Then many times over on the list 😂😂😂
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    Moony, I second your motion!