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    Our love story Back in 2002 I had to move to PR, but that’s a story for some other time; before Facebook there was this wonderful site called Face-pic.com. To which you would put your picture and get rated by others and you could do the same. Well on day in the fall of 2004 I received a random message from my beautiful better half. Stating she wanted to know more about me and so on and so forth. (Found out years later her friend sent the first message because I looked like what Jessica was always looking for) anyways we exchanged phone numbers but I was too chicken shit to make the first call. I had just gotten divorced 2 years earlier from a toxic marriage and had just finished a long distance relationship with my high school crush which contacted me after the divorce. Anyways one night I received a call from her and we set a date to go out to dinner. Found out also years later she called me because she had just watched The Ring 2 and was scared driving home at night by herself. Anyways we set a date to go to eat to chili’s. I was a nervous wreck but when I saw her walk up to me she looked so stunning I was in shock. I scrambled some words which I can’t remember right now and we went to eat at Chillis. We then had a very long conversation at the restaurant I almost didn’t eat because I couldn’t stop staring at her. We ate, and we went to a movie. We watched Bridget Jones Diary 2. It sucked. I did the stupid thing of trying to put my arm around her. That last shortly. Anyways we ended the first date with just a kiss in the check and me walking her to her car. Second date My grandma went very ill and was in the hospital. I called her to cancel she did the most amazing thing and came to see me at the hospital and we had subway. She brought the aforementioned friend with her. We are I met the friend and we had a good evening. When she was leaving I opened the door for her and also her friend. When she was about to drive off and say good by I leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek but I said fuck it go for it and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. She kissed me back soft pop kiss. Her friend squeaked and they left. I few dates later I cooked for her my specialty, lasagna, and I introduced her to my best friend and his wife. We had a great night she stayed over and that was it. What finally sealed the deal on our second month we came to Miami on vacation, my grandma was still in the hospital but I needed a break. So we left came here and after a few days my uncle was calling me asking me to go back to which I Declined many times. Well it all ended bad he kicked me out of my apartment that I had with my grandma(I took care of her she took care of me type of deal and he paid for everything). Well I had to scramble to figure my next step no home no job no school(college, he provided for everything) so my dad and my stepmom helped me find a job and told me to move in with them in Miami. I told her of this and I told her that due to the short time of our relationship I would understand if she wanted to stay in Puerto Rico when I moved to Miami. She looked me straight in the eye and said “I just found you and will not loose you”. She did the most incredible thing she left her job, family, car, everything in PR and moved here with me. That was it for me. On Nov 12, 2005 we got married. On July 5th, 2006 we had our princess Alyson, and on July 26th, 2010 we had our miracle baby Nicholas. We have been together for 13 years and we couldn’t be happier. We have gone through hell and back and she has always stuck by my side. We area two halves that make a whole. You might find it funny but we read each other’s thoughts constantly, we think exactly alike sometimes, she has and always will be my happily ever after.
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    I will be posting my photographic and traditional art in here. I hope you enjoy what you see. This is one of Autumn I took last year for her album "The Other Side".
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    I'm more excited about this being back than I would have thought. Thanks guys. Really, actually. I think I really need this. I hope I can make proper time for it. So. How're things? <3
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    To the lovely @hirondelle. On this day 12 years ago, I stepped off that plane and into your arms, and you have made me so happy. I love you so much. Happy Anniversary my love.
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    Pt. 2 Now, while I had little life outside reading, the life I did have I had made a right mess of. Or, life had made a right mess of me. Like many who found a home at PI, I was looking for an escape from reality. Jamie was no different; he was looking to get away from a mentally and emotionally abusive wife. My first post on PI was, appropriately, in the welcome forum. Jamie was the first to greet me (and cart my soul off to SoulEx). I would find out later that he had been immediately drawn to my name: 'Songmistress'. The first thing that attracted me to Jamie was his sense of humour. Exquisite and gloriously British. He couldn't have had me more in stiches if he'd been the entire cast of Monty Python, Blackadder and Red Dwarf. He made me laugh and, my god, how I needed to laugh. Later, I went on to create a thread for poetry. Not having an outlet for my music, I resorted to poetry. Some of it was even decent (most of it was shite - I'm a better songwriter than I am a poet). I invited others to share poems of their own. What began as 'The Songmistress's Poetic Expressions' evolved into 'The Live Poets' Society'. Jamie was among the little troup of poets who shared verse, and he was my favourite of the group. One, because he had a grasp of what made good poetry (a lot of people didn't). Two, the way he wrote, the words he used, resonated with me. He wrote dark, ugly things, but in such a beautiful way. He wrote with passion and imagination and more than a little romance. But, it wasn't soppy. It wasn't predictable. Basically, it was worth the reading. After a little while, he and I began to chat outside of the board, on IM. We talked about collaborating on some poems. Turned out that he liked mine as much as I liked his. We both figured that since we both wrote in styles and themes that, while not identical, complemented each other, together we might come up with something really good. And, we did. He'd send me some lines and stanzas. I send him some. We'd write back and forth like that. We'd get a piece finished, then one or the other of us would post it on PI. After we had posted one of these collabs, I remarked (aloud...as in, on the board) that we were 'Two Pens, One Heart'. Before I knew it I had fallen. Shit and double shit! ----------------------------------------------------- to be continued....again....
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    Two years ago I was fat. 5 foot 2 and 190 pounds fat. I hit my weight goal of 125 last week. I haven't hit that weight again since, I'm still bouncing between that and 128, but eventually I'll figure out this maintaining business. I didn't do any special diets or anything. I mainly just cut the amount of calories I was eating until I matched actual serving sizes on the food. I also cut out soda, eating out a lot, and easy to make meals. (aka frozen foods). I feel so much better after, and the amount of energy I have seems insane to me. I guess I just felt like bragging a little.
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    This is my favourite theory to date:
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    This one is for the Old Ones. I thought it would be nice to have a thread to go "OMG do you remember [insert name / event / thread here]" I will start.. do you remember this bannner?
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    This place. I'M AT WORK. All I want to do is check, refresh, check, refresh, post, read, check, refresh. Good grief. ...I'm weak.
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    34, and still with the sex drive of a 16 year old. It gets really annoying at times.
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    Why do I feel like I just let a demon sweet talk me into being set free? @fox
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    21! I stopped counting at 21
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    You are very wrong. I'm 47. 😂
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    Awh. You guys. <3 All the love. Always. Thank you! So good to be here. So amazing to see all you wonderful folks.
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    ~sneaks in with a big grin on her face~ It's so awesome to be back here! I'm fantasymom or fantasy_mom or FM or just Heather . ~gives everyone here a round of snuggles~
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    Also if you start a thread and ppl post in it you get rep. That's why I have so much despite not having posted a lot. Everytime one of you minions post in mah thread I get rep. It's like tax... and you are my vassals.
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    Well you know what to do the wife and I went on a date and we had Snapchat fun while waiting for the movie to start
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    So thanks to your inspiration and support, I am trying once again to fix myself. My fat mess of a body and my shitty relationship with food and exercise. This time I am trying low carb. I have dialled in 30/40/30 macros, but today I am way off 11/45/44 and stupidly under on calories - I am not even willing to admit how few calories I had according to MFP.... I just hope the omelette I had for breakfast was actually more than the one I chose in the damn app. I just don't know what else to eat. But I managed to keep the carbs low lmao. Question: Can you suggest protein snacks... aside from boiled eggs which get boring fast. Sorry rambling but today is day 1, again. Starting weight is 180lbs. First target is under 170lbs by Christmas. Should be easy right?
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    It's a forum of many emotions. Today. I put too much responsibility on myself. As a general rule. But today was a big example of that. I'm trying to blame myself for everything that's going sideways in my life, and it's bullshit. I absolutely have responsibility, but it's not a one-way street and I need to remember that.
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    I can’t believe it. 12 years! I love you to the end or the universe.... and back depending on whether or not it is infinite. thank you for having the courage to come to me, and the strength to stay I love you - happy anniversary @Timberwolf
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    Lovely story @Moonhawk While Wolf and I have a love story we are very proud of, it involves the dissolution of two marriages one of which included children. Therefore I don't like to narrate it in this way,,. because to do so involved glossing of some agonising things all for the sake of the 'and they all lived happily ever after' conclusion. Of course the marriages were likely to end anyway... and I do believe we were meant to be together.. But yeah, most people here know our story - and like many real life love stories, it's not always a fairy tale. Ok so there is a wolf in this story, so it is pretty fairy taley... but you know what I mean. We broke some eggs while making our omelette. Mix those metaphors ffs. You will get there @Tika just keep writing your story. Even though some chapters may be written in blood and tears.
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    I think this is all of them lol
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    That avatar just makes me think of naughty things
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    Thanks! Here it is and one I did of Autumn.
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    Yes that is why I'm happy today. This place is back! Let's make it great again! 😂😂😂
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    Guys. I do not have the time to make to tell you individually how awesome it is to see you, so Ima say it here. HI EVERYONE, WELCOME HOME! Thanks for a new NL (AGAIN), Wolf and goddess. It's good to be home, among family again. xo
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    Awesome! And...ALLOT I only have two, dunno if you guys saw them yet or not. First pic you can see them both, one on my right wrist and one on my right lower leg. (sorry for the look on my face there, it was at least 35 C/95 F and we just hiked for 4 hours there )
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    goddam friendly mothephukers I hope you blocked them
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    Hi folks, still raekin... One of the rare British type folks on here!
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    Not only is this place back, but chatting with all of you feels natural... which is saying a lot because I hate talking to people.
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    That is to say...hey @Songmistress...? (I can't "@" you in a title. More's the pity.) This quote, from your love story? This made my day better. So fucking true. I just wanted to say thank you for thinking and writing it. It's actually really important. I mean it can be such shit to live through, but it's still important. So. Thank you. (Also, OBVIOUSLY, for the love story. It's one of my favourites, too. I always feel so honoured and privileged to have watched it play out. )
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    My sister-in-law recently posted this to Facebook, and I thought it was worth sharing. It is not a cure-all, by any means, for the various mental illnesses that can make us feel like we just can't go on...and I am fortunate to not be suffering from a mental illness, but the ideas and suggestions in this spoke to me - we all have days when we just "can't" anymore. If this isn't the right place for it, please feel free to move it. I didn't want to put it in the health forum because I didn't want anyone to think I was downplaying the reality of mental illness or the struggle to cope with every day. I attached it as a screenshot and as a PDF, in case anyone wanted to save it easily. selfcare_printable.pdf
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    Thank you everyone in Northlands for making me so happy to see you all and for how you helped me all those years ago (many of you without even knowing that you did)
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    ~grabs his hand and starts skipping around the thread singing So happy together song~ me and you and you and me no matter how you toss the dice, it had to be
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    OMG Welcome @Death!
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    Welcome, @Dweia, @Tika, @Squarepeg, @Redline, @VelvetyOne, and @FireNymph!
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    So we are back! Yayness to the max! I started to think how long it has been and wow it's been ages. I remember when 1.0 I was the only one still on it trying to revive it and the wolf and goddes came back and made 2.0 and we came back so strong for so long. It was my escape room.Then Facebook happened and people didn't find forums as much fun anymore, life happened I had two kids and a demanding retail management job and the rest is history. But we are back and that makes me happy! Thank you @Timberwolf and @hirondelle for making this place again. Love you guys!
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    It's funny I actually forgot how old I was turning last year, I was all excited thinking I would be the answer to life the universe and everything and it took me like a week to remember I was turning 41... but soon I shall be the magic number (in like a month)
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    When this year started I was 446lbs and met someone that made me realise I wanted to be around for alot longer so I started diet/exercise and Im down to 371.8 lbs. My current goal is 300 lbs. half way there
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    I don't know about you, but I have missed this place. Maybe @Timberwolfand I are fools for doing this again, but it's for us this time... I mean we missed everyone, we missed having this place. Northlands the blog just didn't cut it. And I feel like I am older and wiser - I can do a better job of this... so I am hoping you give me a second chance. *sinks into her chair and waits for the others to arrive*
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    *pounces in* The fun has arrived. ... well I use fun loosely but I'm here! Lol
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    I clearly wasn't lurking enough, then.
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    You lost me with 'e-book'. If I can't smell it, I don't read it. Book snob and proud.
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    *hugs @foxhard* I have missed youbso much and if I wasn't sat in my car waiting to tale my little boy to school I would be crying my eyes out. Thank you so much for your words, you have always been and will always be a great friend! One of my main triggers this year has been loneliness. I have my family and work but I do not have friends, friends that I feel like I can turn to and open up to. But now my home is back, I have my friends back and as soon as @hirondelletold me this was back I jumped at the chance to finally come back when I have missed it so much more than in could ever put into words. So thank you my family, my true friends you all mean the world to me x x
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    I can make sure you get it.
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    Shenanigans! The whole point of all this Phukerie is to keep posting...endlessly....forever....
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    @icewlf, @hirondelle The main reason for that is because the first time I saw the word Phuket, I thought you pronounced it Fuket, lol. I've had a laugh at that for about 13 years now, so when hiro suggested Fukery, I thought it would be funny to name it Phukerie.
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    -waves- Went back with the original name for this one. Lunaticcalm and Jeremy also apply
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    Moony, I second your motion!