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    Well, I'm feeling pretty good right now. The Flying Farangs played in a tournament in Pattaya as well, and we won our first game, 4-2, lost our second game in overtime 4-3, both on Friday. Then on Saturday, we played the best team in the tournament, the Pattaya Destroyers and we beat them 5-2, which put us in first place, points wise, for the tournament, and we meant we had to play Pattaya again in the finals. I'll be honest, both games were pretty physical, but good games. We lost the second game 4-1, so we took second place in that tournament. Then on Sunday, we played in the championship in the tournament. The game before the final, we played the Warrior All Stars and lost, and we played them again in the final, and we won in an overtime shootout 4-3! Pretty awesome! To go with this, I'm also playing in the Bangkok Ice Hockey League (BIHL) for a team called Bunteng Rengrom. We aren't a great team, but we do have fun. We played Warriors and lost 12-1, but considering how good Warriors are, they took second the last 2 seasons, and how good we are, we took 11 our of 12 teams, I feel we did pretty good to keep them at 12. In our second game, we played a team called Yaksa, this was our second game, and their first game of the season. We came close in this one, and only lost 3-2. We started playing as a team, and the more we come together as a team, the better we will do, and I think next time, we might be able to beat them. So far, it's been fun! Oh oh oh. Before I forget, in the Pattaya tournament, our captain, had me play forward, which normally isn't a big thing, but he had me doing it for the whole tournament. Not only that, he had me taking face-offs for the first time in my hockey career! Of course, I lost all my face-offs at first, but I started winning a few, which is pretty cool, so I'm pretty proud about that also!
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    My best day ever was the first moment my imagination took flight. The world changed in the blink of an eye and even know my imagination keeps me thirsty for another adventure in to my mind's inner workings and creations.
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    Made third in my district for championships but only one got to go to area. Still plenty of room for improvement. I definitely need to figure out how to talk to people I can't empathetically get a read on. I back off to give them space.
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