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    Heyo, all! I'm Danuki now, but you may remember me from such roles as Mage or SleepingFire from previous incarnations of this lovely place.
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    This one reminded me of @fox not sure why Probably the swearing, and the nihilism
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    Hello again, everyone! The siren song of my old home calls me back. ((btw, I'm Mage/SleepingFire otherwise known as Daniel. I'm from southwestern PA, USA. I was a co-admin of NL in the past)) *lightning pounce-huggles everyone* My family!
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    Thank you. We love you, too, @Tika. Yes, it was Dana who finally convinced me to go back online and check all the messages I had been getting. It was also Dana who brought to my attention that Jamie did have a depth of feeling for me that I hadn't been able to let myself believe was there, for fear of another disappointment in my life. I signed in invisibly and looked at all the posts that were about my absense. Then, I went back and read the poetry thread; I went through all of @Squarepeg's poems again, and I saw it: they were about me. But, I didn't even know if he realised how he felt or if it was a subconscious thing. I remember sitting there and thinking how tragic the whole thing was. A tragic love story. I had no clue what Jamie was prepared to do. I simply saw the whole situation as impossible and, therefore, tremendously heartbreaking. To cut a bit of this long take short, I finally sent a message to Jamie, via IM. I still didn't want to deal with the board, so I stayed invisible on there, and also it was only to Jamie that I made myself visible on the Yahoo IM thing (we all used back then). And, I honestly do not remember when we finally made it clear to each other how we felt. But, it obviously happened. I didn't know what to do. But, Jamie immediately started making plans. Plans to leave the abusive then-wife. Plans to move back in with his mum until he could secure a place of his own. And, most importantly, plans to come and visit me in the States at Christmas. He did actually ask me to marry him before we had met in person. And, I said yes. ---------- to be continued....
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    Couple of snap chat pics just cause
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    So, the problem with social media (well, there's a lot of problems with social media, but that's a whole other topic), and Facebook in particular, is the whole algorithm thing. If you have a professional page as an artist or business of any kind, Facebook wants you to pay to be seen. They want you to 'promote' your posts so that people who have already liked your page will see them! It isn't even advertisement to reach people who don't know about you yet, it's to reach people who have already liked your page and expect to be seeing your posts (but never do). But, the thing is, the more you are seen (and more likes and shares you get), the more you will be seen. It's like a popularity thing. But, the less you are seen, the less you will be seen. It's very frustrating when you are trying to reach your fans. My solo artist page has 5781 likes. But, only a tiny fraction see what I post. And, Facebook limits the amount even further if the post is a link to a song or video. Photo posts generally get seen more. But, I am promoting my MUSIC. It's what needs to be heard. And, to be heard, the posts have to be seen. So, I am asking for your help. If you have a Facebook account and you have liked my page, don't wait until you see a post from my page in your newsfeed (it might never come up). Manually go to the page yourself and look at it. Please, go take a look at the posts. Especially the video posts and links to music posts. I would, of course, like you to 'like' the posts and share them so more people can see/hear them. But, I am NOT asking you to like and share what you don't genuinely like. However, a lot of you don't even know that I have posted anything because Facebook isn't letting you know. You don't know if you like it or not because you haven't been given the chance to see/hear it! Next, to the people who haven't liked my page, would you please check it out. You might like it. And, if you do, then LIKE it, please. Then, follow the above request, if have time and want to. So, here's my solo artist page: www.facebook.com/AutumnDawnLeaderMusic/ Then, if you have the time and really want to help, if you'd do the same thing over on my The Way Out band page: www.facebook.com/wearethewayout/ Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.
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    @hirondelle......I'm going to need you to start following the Facebook group referenced in this article, and writing down certain 7-11 locations, so I know where to suddenly get thirsty, or need a small snack next time I visit =P https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/girls-7-eleven-article-compiling-photos-cute-convenience-store-workers-going-viral/
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    ~strips off her clothes and skips around naked~ No naked running for me, I'll give myself a black eye lol
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    *huggles back* Welcome back
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    "What happened?" he asked. "I don't know," she replied. "I really don't." She looked at floor, her arms wrapping around her body, hugging herself. "I wish I knew," she said, "because I'd make it stop. I'd stop the world for you, Josh." "You already did," he said.
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    So good to see you @Danuki!!
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    Right...off to work been fun writing this morning ty @Reddragonand @Moonhawk x x
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    Yes! Love that! Lmao
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    And he finally made it! Welcome home brother aka Dan the man
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    Me three! Let's quit work and write, Oh, wait...
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    Is your avatar from the coming out on top game? Also, welcome!
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    It's been a while. Glad to see you around.
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    I'm right there with you @fox. I've just recently written my third short, and I'm loving it! The more I write, the more I wanna write. I love it!
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    so... @Danuki....is that as in "did it all for"? =P hehehehehhe welcome back
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    Oooh! Lovely. Welcome back!
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    Welcome home cousin, nice new name! I am glad you have found your way here at last. How have you been doing?
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    Thank you. I'm pretty fond of it, too. It's been really interesting to live and, when I reflect on current passions, I'm surprised. And pleased. And just super motivated. (Well. When I'm not busy being distracted and/or depressed. ) And I love that you're pleased with your career. AND that it sort of interacts, in a way, with what you'd love to do. Like. Not 100%, but that you're making things, so when you have the time and money isn't an issue, you can take all of this knowledge and these skills and pour them into the rest of it. I love building blocks. AND Shamanism. SUPER baller. I fucking dig that, lady. Also love rural communities, I totally feel you. There's something about them. I grew up in a small, rural city (well. Formative-ly. We moved around a bit) and live in a not-huge city nestled among many small, rural communities. Ima stay here and work with these people, if I have my way. I totally understand this. And that you're interested in helping folks. You're speaking my language @Phoenix. Thanks Wolf! Again, it's a strange journey. But it's mine and I'm proud of it. I love that you're so into teaching. I suspect you are amazing at it, also. We've never ACTUALLY met, but you're just so kind and thoughtful and compassionate and motivated to help and care for people, you would be just so naturally gifted at, and comfortable with teaching. It just seems to fit. And the web and sports work. I love that, also. Super cool to fit passions and interests in wherever possible. No such creature as "just." Also, SB baristas help make my life a far, far better place. The ones I see, well beyond making a beautiful cuppa, are kind and genuine and happy to chat. They're good people doing a good job and while they're not necessarily in their forever place, like you, they're doing what they do to get there. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...! I LOVE that. Love. I love that you love what you do and that what you do is caring for people. It fucking tickles me. And to be there for people, to just give them space and also hold it for them. And to be involved in hospice care to a degree. (I volunteer for our local hospice house and it's incredible. Our caregivers are amazing, and the guests. Wow. To be able to be involved in someone's life in that way is a rare honour and privilege.) Well that's beautiful. And sad. But I'm so glad she was able to be there with him. That he had a person he truly cared about there with him.
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    I'm feeling exceptionally lonely today. Just. So alone and so lonely. And I asked a question last night that I didn't have to ask, in order to make plans I hope I never have to execute. Kind of like going for a walk on an overcast day with an umbrella - you bring it just in case you need it, but you hope you don't need it. I have plans in place so that I have them if I need them, but I hope I never need them. (VAGUEPOSTING, I know. Sorry folks, it's about as specific as it's going to get.)
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    ~hugs @hirondelle & @Timberwolf~ That's just what it took to make it to adulthood... I try not to live with regrets although I fully realise my childhood screwed up parts of me. But it also made me who I am. And on my good days I really like who I am, and on the other days I'm glad I'm strong if nothing else. I had a therapist try to do hypnotic regression therapy with me once to help my ptsd but I couldn't do it more than once.
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    They should masturbate, but not on cam to strangers... picky picky picky
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    thanks everyone for the welcome greetings I missed this so much but please bare with my slow response as I'm very busy with life and trying to be an adult and stuff but I look forward to making new adventures with everyone.
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    Thank you Lightningfall, Forestmage
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    Maybe there's flesh-colored microphone covers?
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    While I'm otherwise usually on board with the patriarchy narrative, I'm with you here, @hirondelle. Sexual assault comes down to power relations. While it might theoretically be easier to point the finger at rampant testosterone, I would have to imagine there isn't much difference between men and women when it comes to power plays. Another thing to think about is that, in a country that's painfully conservative and slow to progress, Americans have only really started to look at this problem in the workplace dynamic. Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas was just 25 years ago. That charge has also been led by feminists, and I don't know about you all, but I haven't seen any strong voices advocating for men who have been victims over the years.
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    @Timberwolf Goddess: I love you Wolf: I love you too Goddess: I want you Wolf: I want you too Goddess: I need you Wolf: I need you too
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    @Songmistress @SoulDragon @Kitty @Cyrain @hirondelle @Timberwolf https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5787c3cfe4b08608d33377e6/amp Woman, Darken your eyes for mystery. Rouge your lips for seduction. Pinch your cheeks for vitality. And make even your complexion to mask your maladies. The art of make up makes you beauty incarnate throughout the ages fair. But if instead you should to go bare know that we will always care. Our hearts you have stolen our Sultana Seductress the Fair.
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    The problem is its acceptable for women to admit to being victimized because its okay for women to be vulnerable. Men are mocked and stigmatized if they say "hey, I was sexually harassed/molested". Interesting fact: out of all the domestic violence shelters in the united states, there is only ONE for men. It opened in Arkansas of this year. THIS YEAR. Out of the existing shelters, only 8 percent are open to both men and women. The rest are women only. So male and female are all equal now, or at least pretty close*, yet there is no support for male victims. **speaking for the united states only
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    I don't know why this one amuses me so much but it does...
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    I like that this has that tip of the iceberg feel to it, like you just know there's so much more out there
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    David entered the office with his briefcase in one hand and his full cup of coffee in the other, just as Adrian walked around the out of the office looking back over his shoulder into the office and crashed into David causing David to spill his coffee all over himself. "Oh shit, Dave buddy. I'm...." David swung his briefcase, crushing into the side of Adrian's face spraying the wall with blood. Raising his briefcase up over his head, he brings it crashing down on top of Adrian's head, raising it again, smashing down, raising it... "My..." smashing down as Adrian crashed back into the wall "name...." raising it... "is...." smashing down... "David..." raising it as Adrian slides down the wall leaving a bloody trial... "not...." smashing down... "Dave..." raising it... "you..." smashing down... "stupid..." raising it.... "son..." smashing...... "Oh shit, Dave. I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there. Are you OK?" Adrian asked as he caught David's arm. "I didn't mean to get your coffee all over you," Adrian said, looking around for something to clean the coffee off of David with. David is shocked back into the present and looked down at his jacket, eased his arm from Adrian's grasp, brushing the coffee off his jacket. "It's OK, Adrian. Don't worry." At least he wore a dark jacket today. He worked his way around Adrian. "Are you sure you're going to be OK Dave?" Adrian asked as David walked past him. "Is there anything I can do?" "No no, Adrian. Don't worry. I'm fine" David said, Asshole! he thought. He continued on through the office to his cubicle. When he got to his desk, he sat down with a shake of his head. "Stupid people. Why can't he watch where they're going", he grumbled to himself. Finally! Done! Weekend! David thought as he shut down his computer and pushed his keyboard tray into his desk. He stood up, picked up his briefcase and started to walk out of his cubical. He stopped and let Barbara and Susan walk past, the both of them lost in their talk about what they will do this weekend, too lost to notice David. He stepped out behind them and followed them to the door of the office. David kept his eyes on the floor while he thought about what he might do over the weekend. He saw the door open by the women and kept walking through, only to get caught in the head by the door, knocking his glasses off. Barbara turned and reached out to David, "Oh Davey, I'm..." David balled up his fist, shot it straight out and connected with Barbara's nose, feeling the bones of her nose crunching under his fist causing her to collapse to the floor. He pulls his foot back and gives her a vicious kick to the head. He pulls his foot back again, kicking her viciously in the head, picking up his foot he stomps down splatter blood across the floor, he lifts his foot again and stops down. He lifts his foot.... "Watch..." he stomps down... "what..." he lifts his foot, blood pooling around him.... "the..." stomps down, crunching bones in her skull... "fuck..." lifts his foot.... "you..." stomps down... 'are... " lifts his foot... "doing..." stomps down... "you..." lifts his foot... "stupid...." stomps... "Oh Dave. I'm so sorry. Are you OK?" she said as put her hand on his arm. "I didn't know you were behind us." David shrugged Barbara's hand off his arm in shocked manner, "It's OK. Don't worry. It's nothing," he said as he adjusted his glasses. "It's fine. Don't think about it." "Are you sure Dave,": she said as she reached out to him. "Is there anything I can do?" "No, no. I'm fine," he said as he walked around Barbara, "It's OK, Barbara. I should have been paying attention. Don't think about." He left the building, My name is David, not Dave and pay attention to what you're doing you stupid bitch. What an idiot! he thought to himself. "Good evening. How are you?" the lady at the door asked him. David looked at her, "I'm fine. I would like a table for one." "Sure, not a problem. Would you like a seat in our restaurant area or in our bar..." "If I wanted to sit in the bar I would have asked for the bar. Can I just have a table for one please?" David responded curtly. "Sure, not a problem. Follow me please" the hostess said with a smile. She turned and led the way in to restaurant area. When she reached a table, she turned and looked at him with a smile, "Is this OK?" "Yes. This will do," David said as he took a seat at the table. The hostess handed the menu to David, "Can I get you a drink?" David looked down at his menu, "Yes, I would like a gin and tonic." The hostess smiled, "OK. I will get that for you. Your server, Michael, will be right with you." She came back a few minutes later and placed the gin and tonic on David's table, "Enjoy your meal." The server stepped up to the table, "Hi. My name is Michael. I'll be taking care of you this evening. I see that Rachel got you your drink. Are you ready to order, or do you need a few min...." "Yes. I'm ready. I would like the T-bone steak. I'd like it rare. I want a baked potato and the steamed mixed vegetables. For an appetizer, I want the Caesar salad, but I don't want parmigiana cheese, and I want the dressing on the side." Michael smiled and listened to David. "OK, so you would like the T-bone steak, rare with the baked potato and steamed vegetables, and you like to start off with the Caesar salad with the dressing on the side and no Parmesan cheese." David kept his head down, "Yes, thank you." David listened to all the conversations that were going on around him. These people. They are just so ignorant. They just don't understand. he thought. A few minutes later, Michael appeared back at the table and placed the Caesar salad down and then placed the small dressing bowl down next to the salad. "Is there anything else I can get your right now sir?" Michael asked. David picked up his fork and looked down at his salad and saw croutons in it. He gripped his fork in his hand and looked up at Michael. "I didn't ask for croutons." "I'm sorry sir," Michael said pleasantly. "I can get you another salad for you if you wou...." David swung the hand up that had the fork in it and embedded it in Michael's chest, "Did I say I wanted croutons!" He yanked the fork out. "I..." drove the fork into Michael's throat "didn't..." yanked it out... "say..." drove it in again... "I..." yanked it out.. "wanted..." drove it in... "god..." yanked it out... "damn...." drove it in... "croutons..." yanked it out... "on..." drove it in... "my..." yanked it out... "stinking...." drove it in again. David followed Michael to the flow continuing to plunge his fork into Michael as he went while he screamed at him. People ran away shocked at the carnage created by David. After minutes of driving the fork repeatedly into Michael, David stopped and looked around wild eyed, his breath heavy in his chest. He saw that he was surrounded by police officers with guns trained on him. "Put the weapon down sir." one officer said. David looked down at his blood covered hand, then at his blood covered body, then looked up at the officer that spoke to him, "But, it wasn't my fault. He didn't listen to me. None of them listen to me," he said as he dropped the fork. "They deserved it." "What do you mean they deserved it?" the officer asked. "Who are they?" "You're one of them, aren't you," David said as he slowly reached for the fork again, only to be tackled from behind and pinned to the ground. "You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present, you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you?" the officer said as he cuffed David. "Yes I do, but I don't understand why I'm being arrested," David said. "If he would have listened to what I ordered, and didn't put those croutons on my salad, I wouldn't have stabbed him." "I understand sir." the officer said. "Why don't we go down to the station to talk about this." BLAM, BLAM, BLAM. the gavel banged. "David Rider, you have been found guilty of second degree murder of Michael Phearson and hereby sentenced to 15 years on prison," the judge said. David is taken away smiling. (....4 years later) "Mr. Rider. Can I ask you a question?" the reporter asked from outside David's cell. David looked up at the reporter. "Yes you may," he said with a smile. "Mr. Rider. You killed a fellow inmate. You said it was because he didn't call you David. Is this true?" "Yes it is. He called me Davey. My name isn't Davey, it's David." "Isn't that a bit of a ridiculous excuse for killing someone?" David looked at the reported. "I've killed thousands of people. I've killed them thousands of ways. No reason for killing somebody is ridiculous. People will start to learn once you start killing them." The reporter looked shocked. "You've killed thousands of people?" An evil grin crossed David's face. "Yes. I've killed you three times just now. Each way different. I have bashed your head into my prison bars until your face was nothing but a bloody pulp. Then I pulled you in and wrapped my fingers around your through and slowly squeezed the breath out of you. Lastly, I used my spoon here," David lifted his spoon, "and I took out your throat and watched you bleed to death while I held you up." The blood drained from the reporter's face. "Uhm, thank you Mr. Rider. That's all I need for now. If I have any more questions, may I contact you again?" "If you dare" David said with a big grin on his face. I would like to thank @Squarepeg for giving me the idea for this story with the his post in Joshua Deeds I hope to write more, expanding on this story and also other stories and poems. Please feel free to leave comments.
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    My mum did that to a large extent, but what she couldn't see and what everyone around her could see is that is was a kind of unwanted martyrdom. Yes, my dad took advantage of it as men of that generation were inclined to do, negligently rather than maliciously... but I think he would have preferred the slightly more selfish version of her. Their marriage would have been more fulfilling for both of them if she hadn't made it so easy for him to take her for granted. I know every story is different but I guess you have to balance what you want to do for your children and how you want to empower them. You have to model independence as well as be there for them. I know you know this. Glad to hear you found a way to find yourself again @Squarepeg also enjoy the photographs that come from your solitary walks and coffees.
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    The uncanny valley effect. Kind of a fascinating concept, really, but it's a big hurdle for the sex robot designers. I'm sure a robot not being at 98.6 degrees doesn't help, either.
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    Mindy sat in the passenger seat, looking out the window. "Why are you going this way, Sean?" "You know why we're going this way," Sean said with a little exasperated. "I know we were supposed to go down highway 13, but it was closed for construction back in Maplethorpe. The signs said to follow country road 586, which is what we are on now." Mindy turned and looked at Sean. "But, it's been ages since we've seen anything. No other town, no building, nothing. Are you sure you aren't lost?" "Of course, we aren't lost," Sean said with a roll of his eyes. "And it hasn't been ages, it's only been about an hour." Sean looked over to Mindy, "You have to pee again, don't you?" "That's beside the point," Mindy said. "Have you seen anything for the last hour?" Sean pointed to side of the road, "There's a farm over there. You can see the silo", he said with a bit of exasperation. "Would you like me to go up there and see if they will let you use their toilet?" Mindy shook her head, "No, I don't have to go yet." 30 minutes later... "OK, Sean. I really need to go now," Mindy said with a bit of guilt in her voice. Sean chuckled, "OK, but it will have to be on the side of the road." "I know, I know," Mindy said, a bit exasperated. "It's not like this is the first time. Just pull over. OK?" "OK, OK.", he said as he checked his rear-view mirror, then checked the left and right side of the road. "There's nobody around, and this looks like as good a place as any." he said while he pulled to the side of the road. "Do you need me to come out and assist you?" Mindy slapped Sean in the arm, "No, you sicko perv. You just stay here in the car and keep the car running. I shouldn't be long." Mindy got out of the car, closed the door, and walked over to the rear tire, pulled her pants down as she squatted down and begins to pee. Suddenly she heard something, and looked up into the trees off to the side of the road. She thought she something, and finished her business quickly, pulled her pants up and quickly got back into the car. "Sean, did you see anything?" Sean looked at Mindy confused. "Did I see anything where?" "Over there! In the trees," she said as she pointed at the trees off to the side of the road. Sean looked off into the trees where Mindy pointed. "No, I don't see any..." suddenly, a man dressed in dirty overall and a flannel shirt and brown hair sticking up wildly all over carrying an ax came charging out of the trees towards the car. Sean quickly put the car into gear and floored it only to have the car stall out. He frantically reached for the keys twisting them hard as the engine chugs when the man runs into the car, as he brought the ax down biting into the trunk of the car. Just then, the car's engine caught hold and started up, Sean crushing the accelerator to the floor. The car kicked up stones and dirt as it's tired spun and the car lurched forward, the tires screamed as they caught the pavement and Sean and Mindy took off down the road. "Who the fuck was that Sean?" Mindy screamed at him. "Sean! Who the fucking hell was that?" "I don't know! I don't know! Fuck, Mindy! Calm the fuck down!" Sean yelled back at her. Mindy started hitting Sean in the arm, "Don't yell at me! What the hell is going on? Did you do this?" "No, I didn't do this, " Sean responded. "I didn't do this, and stop hitting me," he said to Mindy as he turned his head to look at her as he steered the car around a bend in the road. "Sean! Look out!" Mindy yelled at him. Sean looked up, slammed on the brakes, bring the car to a screeching halt a few yards from five pickups parked across and road. A man with rough looking jeans, a red and blue checked flannel shirt, a long unkempt beard and hair stood in front of the pickups. He waved to Sean and Mindy as he yelled "Get out of your car. I need to discuss something with you." "What's going on Sean?" Mindy said on the verge of being hysterical. "I don't know," Sean said as he shook his head no at the man and he eased the car into reverse. "Don't try to back up," the man said as four more pickups pulled in behind the car. "I need you to listen to what I have to say first." "Sean...?!" Mindy started to cry. "Shush, Mindy. Stay here. Let me talk to him and see what it wants," Sean said as he tried to sound angry to hide the fear in his voice. "Don't do it, Sean. Don't do it," Mindy cried. Sean opened the car door and got out, standing behind it. "What do you want?" "I need you both to get out of the car and to step away from the car. Don't try to run, just come closer to me," the man replied. Sean shook his head, "Why should I trust you? I don't know you." "Because if you don't," the man lifted his left arm and three men in each of the nine pickups stood up and lowered rifles aimed at Sean and Mindy, "my men will kill you both." Sean looked at the men in front of him, then the men behind him and shook his head. He stuck his head in to the car, "Get out of the car Mindy. He wants us both out of the car and away from it to talk to us. If we don't, he's going to kill us," Sean said, the fear plain in his voice. Mindy got out of the car and they both started to walk towards the man. "Shit, I forgot the keys," Sean said, and he turned back towards the car. "Oh, don't do that," the man said as one of his men got in the car. "Just keep walking towards me until I tell you to stop." Sean turned back around with fear and anger mixed in his face. "What the hell is going on here?" he said. The man smiled, "Just stay calm, and everything will become clear shortly. Just keep walking towards until I tell you to stop." Mindy grabbed Sean's hand and they both started to walk forward as they watched the man. When they were ten feet away from the man, he told them to stop and he lowered his left arm and the men in the trucks lowered their rifles. "My name is Micah," he said and gestured to the men around him, "and these are members of my flock." Sean tried to look hard at Micah, "What do you want with us, Micah?" "You know, it's very rude to not offer your name after a name has been offered to you." Micah said with a smirk on his face. "Oh, and don't lie. I'll know if you lie." "My name is Mindy, and this is Sean," Mindy said with a tremor in her voice. "Shut up! We don't have to tell him anything," Sean said angrily to Mindy. 'Now don't be rude, Sean," Micah said, smiling. "She is just being polite. Something I think you might need to learn. Thank you, Mindy. That was very kind of you." Micah waved his right arm. "So now to your question, Sean." three bags were placed on the ground between Micah, Sean and Mindy. "You two are going to camp here tonight. Don't worry, in one of those bags is a tent. It's supposed to be a one-man tent, but I suppose you two don't mind being so close. Any way, you two are to camp here tonight. In the morning, you are to start walking. Three days north," Micah gestures to the north, "is the border." Micah gestures to the west, "Four days to the west is another border," Micah gestures to the east, "Four days east is another border," Micah gestures to the south, "And three days south is that last border. You have enough food in those bags for two days for each of you. You will also find a knife and a revolver with five rounds in it. You just have to make it to any one of the borders. Once there, you will find a car with all the paperwork that you need to sign to have it in your name. It's that simple." Micah said, the smile never left his face. "That's all?" Sean asked. He looked to Mindy, "We can do this. It will be easy! Remember that hiking trip we did last summer? We went hiked for two weeks." Mindy nodded to Sean. "Yeah, we can do..." "Oh, I forgot one very important thing, you to," Micah interrupted them, his smile turned to a cruel grin. "At noon, tomorrow, my flock and I will start hunting you. If we find you, we get to kill you Sean, and Mindy gets to become part of my flock’s breeders." "What?! No way! We aren't doing this. Bring our car back." Sean yelled at Micah. The cruel grin never left Micah's face. "You should start setting up your tent," he said as he looked to the sky. "It will be dark soon." Micah turned and walked to the center pickup. "I recommend getting an early start tomorrow. The earlier you start, the longer you will have to run. The longer you have to run, the harder it will be for my flock to find you." "Wait!" Sean pleaded. "How many of your flock will be following us?" Micah stopped getting into his pickup. "Well, you saw nine pickups. So, I guess that means there will be nine pickups looking for you tomorrow." "That's not fair. How are we supposed to outrun a pickup?" Sean said. Micah's cruel grin turned to a kind smile. "Well, I suppose that is a bit unfair. Nine pickups against two people on foot. OK. I'm feeling generous. I will cut you a break. The first day, there will only be four pickups. The second day, there will be six pickups. The third day, there will be eight pickups. The fourth day, there will be ten pickups. Sleep well. Hopefully you won't see us tomorrow," Micah said, then closed his pickup door. All nine pickups drove away leaving Sean and Mindy standing in the middle of the road. Keep an eye out for part 2. Thank you for reading.
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    I had that same problem, @Tika. Giving myself away to the point i almost lost myself completely. The doc told me I needed to be selfish! The thing is, it worked. I took time for myself every Saturday and Sunday morning, I went for a swim and a coffee and just took time for me. I still go for a coffee by myself or take a long walk along the canal if I feel I need to every now and then, it helps to ground myself and to realise I'm my own person, as well as a husband and father...and someone who uses the term "myself" an awful lot!
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    Britain has a red sun today. The ex hurricane has cause Sahara desert sand to be thrown into the atmosphere causing this awesome effect.
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    Lol @Timberwolf that's definitely worthy of this thread Me every time someone takes my picture...
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    I'll add a little bit. This isn't part 4, just a brief aside. She scared the crap out of me when she disappeared for three days. I was worried sick. I'd spend each night on the computer sending her messages, hoping beyond hope that she would respond and each time she didn't I became more and more scared. I did seriously consider contacting the police in Florida to go and check on her, I didn't know what else to do! But, that never happened, because on the fourth night of trying to get a response she finally answered me. The relief was like a physical blow to my heart and lungs. And, I'm not ashamed to say, there were tears. Her room mate, Dana, managed to get her back online by telling her something I only realised after seeing her IM message to me after her absence. He told her to get back online because I loved her and I missed her. Very astute is Dana. As Autumn said in her last post, the timeline is pretty hazy now, and I can't remember exactly when it was I told her that I was in love with her, but it was coming up to the time when I asked her something spontaneously, though from the heart. I sent her a message over IM that would change both our lives forever and start rolling not a ball, but a big fucking boulder. I asked her to marry me.