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    Gah, I have so many books to read and you all show me more that look good to read.
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    That universe. Bring it. Alt-universe Kim sounds like she has more free time. Which usually means baking. So....
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    I'm right there with you @Lightningfallabout the anchovies. They can go away for ever. LOL. Not for me. Pineapple on a pizza is OK. I have to be in the mood for it, but it doesn't kill a pizza for me.
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    yay!! Thank you Spy
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    Go ahead. More the merrier.
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    M:I - Fallout (x2) Sorry To Bother You Kingsman: The Golden Circle She's Out Of My League Kong: Skull Island
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    Hope you enjoy them. 💗
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    I will add it to my list. ❤️
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    Lol Thanks @hirondelle Yeah she is a awesome character If you want to give them a try the first book is called Moon Called.
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    Oo makes me want to read them @Forest Mage she looks like a cool character. Nice paw.
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    (The pics under the last black and white pic are of Mercy Thompson. She is the main character of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. They are what the cover of the books look like, but they aren't in order though.)
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    I, too, have dreamed of an alternate universe where you could drink lots and not vomit. Pretty sure I had a dream about couple days ago, actually.
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    @PyroCJ I'm adding you to the list of degenerates that have declared themselves as such in this thread.
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    I mean, companies must think that the natural evolution of food, rather than making something well and sticking to it, is to make something ridiculous that garners headlines. Headlines > Quality Taco Bell with the Doritos Locos Tacos and the Naked Egg breakfast taco, for example, or perhaps the KFC Double Down. Or, the most obvious and egregious example in this eponymously named thread, Pineapple Pizza.
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    @hirondelle Look, nobody in the States takes Kansas or its people seriously, and that is a perfect example why.