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    Work sucks. It takes me away from all my fave people!!! Anyways you might find me lurking a tad more but still here
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    Well hello there ppl! So I have been rather absent in my posting. I lurk when I can but it has just been way to hard to write pretty much anything! That being said I am Well, I have been attending online therapy which has been amazing in that it has helped me face a lot head on rather hiding it all and letting things fester. I have been a more forward person in that I won' keep quiet any more, I will say if anything that has been said to me is upsetting or if made to feel like I mean nothing. Basically I'm not taking shot from anyone, including myself. I am roughly 4 months self harm free, with only one relapse (I don't even rememb what is was about.) So scars have healed and though I still have the urge and want to cut I don't. My mental health has now gotten to the point were I can manage it, he'l I even act more like a normal human, but that is not to say that I don't have a relapse every now and then. I am I'll, I thinllk I shall always suffer with this demon but I shall not let it win, no matter how much it tries to take over everything. So yeah, hi, I'm brckish, I am Well and I have missed my family x x
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    Where? Am I blind cause I can't find it... lol
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    I refuse to be welcomed back.....I never left....I just got lost on the way to the bathroom =P
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    And this from today at Loughborough's first Comic-Con with Danny John-Jules. Good day today.
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    Before you start reading this story, I do have to make somethings very clear. This post is very very NSFW Like my other stories, this work is pure fiction The characters in this story are both willing participants This story, in no way, shows that I think men are superior to women. I fully believe that men and women are equal in all aspects of life and should be treated as such. As this story is NSFW and adult in nature, you read at your own risk, and as such, you cannot hold the writer responsible for your reactions. Feel free to comment and discuss after you have read. “Remove all your clothes my pet”, he said as he looked into her in the eyes. With trembling hands, she lifted her top up over her head, she unbuttoned her jeans and pushes them down her legs, reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, and paused. She then looked down and removed her bra, and slowly pushed her panties down her legs. “Kneel pet”, he said sternly, as he continued to look intently at her. She slowly got down on her knees. He took the long five strides to her slowly. To her it seemed an eternity before he reached her. He placed his hand on the top of her head. Slowly he slid his hand down the side of her face and she leaned into his hand. With the tips of his fingers, he lifted her chin to look into her eyes. “You have been too long out of your collar”, he said as his brought his other hand out from behind his back her collar in his hand.. “Present for me pet”, he said. She moved forward onto all fours, pulled her shoulders down to expose her neck more as she kept her eyes on the ground. As the collar went around her neck, she felt her heart race and a warmth start to rise in her lower belly. As he slid the strap past each hole, the collar tightened around her neck, the heat between her legs rose and a mew escaped her lips. She hoped he didn't hear it for she knew he would punish her for it. She hoped he did hear it for she knew he would punish her for it. Once he had the collar cinched into place he stood before her. “Have you been bad my pet”, he asked her. The tone of his voice told her that he already knew the answer. She kept her eyes lowered. “Yes Sir. I was a bad pet”, she said with a tremor in her voice. “What did you do my pet,” he asked. She knew he knew. She couldn't get out of this one. In a whisper she said “I took..” “What!” he said sternly, the anger rising in his voice. “I took a.....” “WHAT! Speak up pet.” He growled at her. “I'm sorry Sir. I took another man’s cock into my mouth and I enjoyed it”, she cried. She heard more than saw his feet walk off to the side of the room, heard him grab something off the table. She waited as he feet moved closer to her again, stopping right in front of her. “You will be punished for this, pet”, he walked behind her out of her site. She tried to brace for what was to come. She waited and waited. When nothing happened, she relaxed a bit, then before she knew it, she heard the whu and the loud crack of leather hitting flesh, then she felt the sting on her left ass cheek. Whu again and she felt the leather bite into her right ass cheek. He paused to let her catch her breath. He could see the quick expansion and compression of her ribs as she recovered from the smacks. The redness already glowed on each cheek. He slid the paddle over her cheeks as he stroked her back as he watched her breath start to slow. With a quick flick of his wrist, the paddle again bit into her ass, he stroked her cheeks again and then snapped the paddle into her other cheek. He could now hear her whimpers. “You more than enjoyed his cock in your mouth, didn’t you pet”, he said. She nodded, “Yes si….” whu, crack, whu, crack. Whimpers escaped her as she fought to catch her breath again. He stroked her back again, slid the paddle over her cheeks. His pants were tightening around the hardness of his cock. He slid the paddle between her legs, turning it to force her to open her legs more. He brought the paddle back up and stroked it across the wetness of her lips. She moaned and swayed her hips at the touch. Whu, crack. “Why do I do this my pet?” he asked. “Because I am such a slut Sir,” she whimpered, her head down. Whu, crack. She jumped a little at the sting, a moan escaped her lips. “You enjoy sucking cock, don’t you pet,” he stated, more than he asked. “Yes Sir.” Whu, crack, whu, crack. Her body bucks as an orgasm rips through her body responding to the pleasure pain she has received from the spanks. He moved back around front of her, undoing his pants, pulling out his hard cock, slowly stroking it. “Show me pet,” he commands her. She quickly moved forward and reached out to take his cock in her hand. She stroked it, rubbed it against her face…. kissed it…. licked it….., eventually she pulled it into her mouth, working it in and out while she stroked it with her hand, keeping one hand on the ground to maintain her balance. “Mmmmmm, that’s such a good pet,” he growled at her, as his hips start to move back and forth with the actions of her mouth and hand, causing her to moan in pleasure at being told she is a good pet. Before he lost too much control, he pulled himself from her mouth and moved around behind her. He positioned his cock at the wet opening of her pussy, easing just the head in. He then grabbed her hips and pulled as he thrusted deep into her. "Now beg pet." “Oh God yes Sir. Fuck me hard!” she screamed as he drove into her again and again. The passion of them both rising higher and higher. “Aaahh!” she cried hoarsely as her excitement crested and her body started to orgasm, spasming around him, which caused him to thrust deep into her as his own orgasm ripped through his body. They collapsed to the floor as their bodies shook and trembled, coming down from their orgasms, both making unintelligible sounds. As they started to come down, he stroked her side as he kept his body pressed against her. “I hope I didn’t hurt you my pet.” “No Sir”, she said as she pressed her body against him more. “Thank you for taking care of me as you do Sir” she said, and he kissed her neck.
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    407 but I rather try a 69
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    (Random thoughts, no consistency, hope it makes some sort of sense) I am tired, i am stressed and being pushed to my limit. I have to hold together a family where I am the only none autistic member and it is becoming a huge struggle. I love my family, my wife, my son even the pets that just simply drive me nuts! But I am losing me, losing the me that can be fun that can be patiant that can enjoy her family. That is why I have this place I guess, the place I can be comfortable the place I can be me and have no worries. Here I can be the fun mischievous, here I can play a role, become a goddess. And now because of the 18+ area I can explore my sexul side, a side that gets very much hidden away. Being a mother is hard, it feels unrewarding at time and it is a job you can not walk away from because no matter the stress and strain god do I love it. Yes being a mother is hard.
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    It makes me happy I only have to work 4 more hours and then I'm off for 2 days, the full moon craziness is already starting, I've got one resident singing at the top of her lungs (had to bring her roommate out by me so she could sleep) and I just found another one in the bed he had just made himself on the floor (cause it's cooler down there)
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    Being asked to come back... it makes me happy to be remembered
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    goid morning all you lovelies. I’m having my morning coffee before I head back to the rink. Not only am I playing in the tournament, I’m also doing videos.
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    Congrats on the new apartment.
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    Just finished Redshirts, by John Scalzi. A very amusing story. Not my favorite book, but very amusing. Just started Cursor's Fury, by Jim Butcher. Also just started Tempests and Slaughter, by Tamora Pierce.
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    Did you think you can eat pizza and burgers several nights a week without repercussions? Doesn't he realise his wife can make rain gear from bin liners for a very reasonable price?
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    It was a lot of fun for me to play in as well.
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    Just to keep you all updated, on 06 March, 2018, the Flying Farangs had a game against the Malaysian National Team. It was a lot of fun, and in got an assist and a goal. My assist My goal
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    Just finished Glory by Gillian Wigmore (local author). First fiction book I've finished in a LONG time and it was outstanding and important (to me).
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    @hirondelle After everything I had heard, I went in with sky high expectations, and I was not disappointed. It was excellent, and is one of my favorites of the Marvel movies, up with Winter Soldier and Thor: Ragnorok.
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    Probably the last harvest. 44 this morning...supposed to drop into the 20s for a few days....=P
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    I was looking for some pics I took of some drawings I'd done when I found this from about 4 years ago. This has to be my favourite of @Songmistress. Unposed, natural and just beautiful.