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    Work sucks. It takes me away from all my fave people!!! Anyways you might find me lurking a tad more but still here
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    Well hello there ppl! So I have been rather absent in my posting. I lurk when I can but it has just been way to hard to write pretty much anything! That being said I am Well, I have been attending online therapy which has been amazing in that it has helped me face a lot head on rather hiding it all and letting things fester. I have been a more forward person in that I won' keep quiet any more, I will say if anything that has been said to me is upsetting or if made to feel like I mean nothing. Basically I'm not taking shot from anyone, including myself. I am roughly 4 months self harm free, with only one relapse (I don't even rememb what is was about.) So scars have healed and though I still have the urge and want to cut I don't. My mental health has now gotten to the point were I can manage it, he'l I even act more like a normal human, but that is not to say that I don't have a relapse every now and then. I am I'll, I thinllk I shall always suffer with this demon but I shall not let it win, no matter how much it tries to take over everything. So yeah, hi, I'm brckish, I am Well and I have missed my family x x
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    I refuse to be welcomed back.....I never left....I just got lost on the way to the bathroom =P
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    And this from today at Loughborough's first Comic-Con with Danny John-Jules. Good day today.
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    Found a house to rent that is both cheaper than the current apartment as well as a larger size. So i'm kinda stoked. And by kinda, I mean really stoked. 10000000_203372716916706_8548924045234536448_n.mp4
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    (Random thoughts, no consistency, hope it makes some sort of sense) I am tired, i am stressed and being pushed to my limit. I have to hold together a family where I am the only none autistic member and it is becoming a huge struggle. I love my family, my wife, my son even the pets that just simply drive me nuts! But I am losing me, losing the me that can be fun that can be patiant that can enjoy her family. That is why I have this place I guess, the place I can be comfortable the place I can be me and have no worries. Here I can be the fun mischievous, here I can play a role, become a goddess. And now because of the 18+ area I can explore my sexul side, a side that gets very much hidden away. Being a mother is hard, it feels unrewarding at time and it is a job you can not walk away from because no matter the stress and strain god do I love it. Yes being a mother is hard.
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    I get kicked off too but it is fake kicked out... As soon as I go into a forum I'm fine
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    Morning! **steals coffee**
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    goid morning all you lovelies. I’m having my morning coffee before I head back to the rink. Not only am I playing in the tournament, I’m also doing videos.
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    I have no doubt you did @icewlf
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    That’s awesome @Kenai
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    Congrats on the new apartment.
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    Thank you NL for being a home to return to regardless of my aimless wanderings in life.
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    You mean eating pizza and burgers has repercussions? Do you mean like the rain hats we see here?
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    The FFvMNT game was so much fun to watch <3
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    @hirondelle After everything I had heard, I went in with sky high expectations, and I was not disappointed. It was excellent, and is one of my favorites of the Marvel movies, up with Winter Soldier and Thor: Ragnorok.
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    Having some time to be back posting on here.
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    I used to be real books as well, then I read a monster book and on my commute to work on the skytrain, my hand and wrist get tired from holding the book up right. I still read paper books, but I, like @hirondelle do not have the luxury of space, and I love my books. hirondelle bought me a kindle on one of our trips to the UK I believe, and I was able to read a monster book on the skytrain with no pain to my hand or wrist, which is a good thing, I think. For certain authors, like Terry Brooks, I still prefer paper books.
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    Jacques Pepin and his granddaughter Shorey.
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    Probably the last harvest. 44 this morning...supposed to drop into the 20s for a few days....=P