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    Heyo, all! I'm Danuki now, but you may remember me from such roles as Mage or SleepingFire from previous incarnations of this lovely place.
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    I was looking for some pics I took of some drawings I'd done when I found this from about 4 years ago. This has to be my favourite of @Songmistress. Unposed, natural and just beautiful.
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    This one reminded me of @fox not sure why Probably the swearing, and the nihilism
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    And this from today at Loughborough's first Comic-Con with Danny John-Jules. Good day today.
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    Thank you @Songmistress. Drawing is very therapeutic for me too, I just don't do it enough (I have... issues that I need to let go of). These are practice pieces - I am exploring - let's see how many I can produce... I would be more than happy to give you a couple next time I'm in the UK. I really love your art @songmistress please don't put it down. We have different styles, I'm a controlling personality so my art is quite technical and controlled too... You are more of a visionary and your work reflects that. The world needs both of us.
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    Couple of snap chat pics just cause
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    Work sucks. It takes me away from all my fave people!!! Anyways you might find me lurking a tad more but still here
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    So I bought a pair of size 16 jeans today and they fit comfortably!! I noticed when I put my other jeans on this morning they felt loose and I was like hmmmm I wonder if I can go down a size. And I did . I haven't been working out like I was but I walk a ton at work.
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    You gotta be careful around everyone these days. I was walking down the street yesterday and a guy walked towards me and pulled out scissors. I'm sooooo happy I was agile enough to reach into my pocket and pull out a rock. Cuz if I had pulled out paper, shiiiit, I would have lost.
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    I like baking, today I'm going to to a board game get together and I am bringing cookies. They are just in the oven now So not sure yet how they will turn out but I'm making chocolate m&m cookies. Using this recipe http://bakerbynature.com/soft-batch-chocolate-mm-cookies/ The recipe said the batter was supposed to be a but liquidy and the dough wouldn't be able to be rolled into balls.. that's not the case for what we made.. the only changes we did was less M&Ms and chocolate chips and we used white chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate. Also less of those than called for, when you add too many chips you may end up with a cookie that falls apart This thread is meant to share any cooking creations, dinner, snacks, breakfast and also if you want to share photos of your resultant dinner i know some of you love to do that @icewlf
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    Wish me luck, guys. I've for a job interview in a couple of hours at the airport.
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    How could anyone be a fan of Faith? She was the most annoying character Joss Whedon ever invented. I'm certain he only did it to torture me. Fucking 5 by 5 shit. I'm a Dru fan. Because, well, at my worst, I AM her.
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    You guys are a perfect pair then . And by the way where's your love story in the other thread hmmm? It doesn't have to be a travelled halfway across the world story to be just as beautiful
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    Thank you @Tika yes I was a member under the handle shadowmaster
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    There are a great many hot peppers in the world......I'm currently dehyrating 4 variety, Jalapenos, Hot Hungarians, Ghost, and Carolina Reaper. I want to share a story with all of you...........there once was a wlf who touched drying carolina reapers with his bare hands.....he then touched himself, so he wouldn't make a mess in the lavatory........he spend the rest of the night feeling like he'd contracted a nasty disease from someone unclean....... THe moral of the story.....don't touch the worlds hottest pepper (even dried) and then touch yourself......unless you like the burn......=P heheheheheh Thats your PSA for the week =P
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    They are not doodles. They are works of art. Beautiful, beautiful pieces. I do not have the patience to draw at the ability level I know I'm capable of. When I start I want to see the finished piece almost immediately so I rush and fuck it up. One reason I turned to photography, almost instant gratification! I had aspirations to be a graphic artist, but after only getting D in my art O Level I didn't bother pursuing it.
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    These are really beautiful. I can't decide which I like more between the coloured and uncoloured versions, though. They both speak different things, and both things are good things. I think I'd like to have them both, side by side, in a frame...on my wall...hint, hint, hint (blatantly obvious begging). You're much better at drawling the female form than I am. My drawing is pretty damn rubbish, and I have little patience for tiny detail, even though I love it in other's artwork. But, it is good therapy; so, I continue to scrawl my heavy-handed lines on paper and pixel for that reason. Your art is lovely, @hirondelle. Really lovely.
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    This is a close up of Rincewind. He is 2 years old.
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    Hello again, everyone! The siren song of my old home calls me back. ((btw, I'm Mage/SleepingFire otherwise known as Daniel. I'm from southwestern PA, USA. I was a co-admin of NL in the past)) *lightning pounce-huggles everyone* My family!
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    @Songmistress @SoulDragon @Kitty @Cyrain @hirondelle @Timberwolf https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5787c3cfe4b08608d33377e6/amp Woman, Darken your eyes for mystery. Rouge your lips for seduction. Pinch your cheeks for vitality. And make even your complexion to mask your maladies. The art of make up makes you beauty incarnate throughout the ages fair. But if instead you should to go bare know that we will always care. Our hearts you have stolen our Sultana Seductress the Fair.