Goings On

Well, things have been a bit busy for me around here. As you all know, I’ve recently finished a number of skins, which I am very happy with. Just after finishing my latest skin, and just before heading to Bangkok, our desk top computer crashed. Well, the C-Drive crashed. Now that wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the software, because then we could have gotten all the information off of the drive. But nope, the actual hard disk itself crashed. Which means we lost everything on that drive! All our pictures were on that drive. Everything saved in our network is gone as that was also on that drive. Now the good thing about that is this, the hard disk was guaranteed for 5 years, so we get a new 320 Gb hard disk for free. And we wanted to get a 1 Tb hard disk. So what happened is we now have a 1Tb hard disk and a 320 Gb hard disk, plus we will have a 320 Gb external hard disk. All our music and the movies we had on the other hard disk are fine. We actually have almost 200Gb of music, so that made me happy.

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Making Great Strides

On Saturday, Tracy and I flew down to Bangkok from Chiang Mai. We wanted some time away from Chiang Mai and we also had an appointment with an immigration lawyer on Monday (Today).

Yesterday, we went shopping for a camera for Tracy (she has been wanting and SLR camera) and we looked at a number of places, but nobody had the model she was looking for. Hell, most places didn’t have have the brand she wanted. We settled on a really nice camera which she really loved. I told her that we weren’t leaving Bangkok with out getting her a camera as that was one of the reasons I wanted to come to Bangkok. We also got some movies and some great books!

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Um Klim Kalika-yei Namaha

Rather than uploading an image from my phone today I thought I would share something I painted and then manipulated using a simple hue colouriser. Kali, the best goddess in the world for when you are having one of those “don’t mess with me” moments – and every spiritual journey has those moments I am sure.

She has been sitting neglected on my draughting table for some months now. So I dusted her off finished her and took some photos (photos of paintings are always a bad idea unless you have good lighting, but I wanted to capture the essence rather than a faithful reproduction so I am willing to ignore the glare of the flash if you are).

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Moving Forward

Well, as I had said in my last blog post, things are starting to move forward. I found a lot of the images for one of the skins we used to have at the old New The Northlands, so now, because of that, I’m almost finished with another skin. We have an appointment with an immigration lawyer for the 20th of July, and we received an email from the U.S. immigration offices saying that I really shouldn’t leave until after Tracy has her visa. It will make it easier for the interviews and such.

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Getting Things Done

Well, we are slowly getting things done in real life and I am getting things done here at NL.


I have filled my taxes for 2008, even thought they are a little bit late, you get an automatic 2 month extension when you live out of the country, and I don’t owe any late fees.

We’ve made an appointment to go talk with an U.S. Immigration lawyer in Bangkok on July 20th, so we can find out our options. We had a bit of a scare concerning immigration just the past week. We contacted an immigration lawyer that was supposed to be here in Chiang Mai, they have an office here, but the lawyer doesn’t come up here, and she told us that it will take about a year and I will have to make almost 4 times what I do now . But we are talking to the original lawyer and we are going in to talk to them and find out what he has to say.

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