Trip To Pai

Some of you may know this, but Tracy recently “retired” from her position as Academic Manager at the British Council, and she really needed to relax, so we had decided to take a trip to Pai, Thailand for a few days. Everybody here has talked about how great Pai is, and neither of us has been there, so we decided why not.

Now we’ve both heard all kinds of things about Pai. One was how relaxing and beautiful it is, and another was how openly people smoke weed there, so we kind of figured we would see people walking down the street or sitting in the coffee shop/restaurants smoking. Much to our surprise, we never saw it. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me start from the beginning.

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Happy campers

At 10 a.m. today Lauren, Sarah & Jip (l2r) got in the office car laden down with spendy games, name tags, future board, twister, story books, a large yellow elephant and assortment of other items essential for a positive camping experience. If you are planning to go camping with 20, er 18 little kids bent on creating havoc and learning English in Northern Thailand that is. I wish them luck and hope they have fun. Almost exactly 5 years ago my first mission for the British Council was accompany two other extraordinary teachers (Tash & Mark) and one other enthusiastic teaching assistant (Ju) on a similar camp but this time on Thailand’s eastern seaboard. So much has changed in that 5 years – mostly for the better (I have Wolf in real life now), but not completely. I was very sure of myself professionally then, now I am not. Although this uncertainty feels pretty scary I believe it is a necessary phase which will enable to me to move on to something new. People keep asking me what, but I have no idea – and I don’t want to have any idea. I need to break free of this before I can envisage that, otherwise my that will be this in another form. Anyway, today is my last day as Academic Manager at the British Council and here I am balanced between two camps. Balanced between the past and the future. A beginning and an end. Poised. Maybe that means I am ready to start the ‘now’, the ‘being in the moment-ness’ that Dom manages to do with effortless grace and I battle with continually. I have long suspected that my moment is smaller and more slippery than Dom’s – but maybe his ‘moment shoes’ have better treads. More traction. Yes, I need this time to work on my soul soles.
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Continued Changes

Last week I posted about some issues that I have been having while here in Chiang Mai, that started when I was leaving the company NES. And I’ve noticed something really great since I’ve written.

When I’m driving, I no longer get angry or bitter. I mean, some of the things they do, still make me a bit upset, but the good thing is, when that happens, I usually either laugh about it or I just growl and let it go. Where as before, I would get angry, hold on to it, and then somebody would do something and I would get more angry, and then it would happen again and I would get more angry and it would just build and build until I was just seething and ready to explode. So this is a very good thing!

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