Sunday morning 9am

Well Brandy thinks this one doesn’t need text, but I am gonna give it some anyway.

I wanted this to be my ‘I’m okay’ picture. I didn’t announce that I was pregnant because I knew, being 39 and this being my first baby, I was a high risk for miscarriage. And it happened this week – just two months into my pregnancy. But life goes on… I took this picture on my first morning back at work. The lovely morning sunlight, a cat lazing on the roof behind the British Council. I have Wolf and a wonderful life.

And I’m okay.
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Every year mum sends me an advent calendar. Correction: Previously, every year mum and dad sent me an advent calendar, AND THIS YEAR mum sent me an advent calendar. That sounds like a grammatical exercise, but it is in fact an exercise in restrained emotion. I will try very hard to have a good Christmas without dad, as it is what he would want. But it will be hard as even as I type this I have tears in my eyes. Funny though eh? 39 years old and still opening those little windows.
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