At last I am back. There is a story behind my absence… and I don’t just mean a steady stream of excuses. If you cast your cursor back to my very first post you will recall that the whole reason I started this blog was because I bough a sexy new phone that could publish directly to blogger. I had previously been a wordpress fan, but that little bit of functionality persuaded me to switch and I am glad I did for many reasons.

However it turned out that the set up of the phone / blog connection was dependent on my SIM card. A SIM card I lost in England this Christmas (Dom’s fault).

Of course I could have got a new SIM card with my old number, it is a relatively simple process, except it isn’t if your old package is registered in your ex-husband’s name and requires you to contact your ex-husband and ask him to send you a signed photocopy of his ID card.

So I bought a new SIM card. Which, it turns out after I had bought it, didn’t have automatic internet access. Or MMS for that matter. So I got the leaflet on how to register for these ‘economical value-added services’ and attempted to register. Of course I was connected to an automatic selection system that was all in Thai, and although I thought I had hit all the right buttons, I couldn’t be sure and the outcome was a resounding FAIL when I attempted to publish to my blog.

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