The Story Of Us — Part 2

Continued from The Story Of Us – Part 1

I’m so glad that people are enjoying this story. Thank you for your comments. It’s always great to see and hear the reactions people give.

Well, on to The Story Of Us – Part 2:

At this point in time, didn’t do a lot of talking other than inside The Underworld. We would interact there, and I would show respect to her as she was (is) Goddess of The Underworld. One of the interesting things, in my opinion, that happened there, was when this guy, calling himself Death, posted about making this thing called Chamber of Fears. What you did, was post that you were stepping in to the Chamber of Fears and then wrote a post about what happened while you were in there. People would write about their (character’s) greatest fear.

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Flash Back —— Flash Forward — Part 2

**Notice: Quotes taken are taken directly from their said source with all spelling and grammar mistakes**

Flash Back <—-> Flash Forward – Part 1

Like I told you before, there is a lot of stuff in these books and the ones that go with them that are just really interesting. In the last post, I talked about how the writers of CyberPunk published in their games timeline that there would be a combining of European currencies by the year 1992 called Eurodollar and how it happened in real life in 1999 with the Euro.

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The Story Of Us — Part 1

The Story Of Us

For awhile now, I’ve been thinking about writing this story, and I’ve thought about it, but I didn’t really know how to start it, or where to how to start it. I could sit down and tell everybody and anybody our story, but that’s not actually writing it. Earlier today, a movie popped into my head, and it gave me the idea for this blog. Their story is an excellent but hard story, and ends happy. If you haven’t guessed it, the name of the movie is The Story Of Us. You get to watch the story of this couple from the first time they meet, to seperation, to almost divorce, to reconcilliation. And I thought it was a wonderful story. Although this isn’t our story, it did help to inspired me to write our story.

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from a plane window

From a plane window everything seems so simple.  Looking at the world from above rather than in I see how things are made; things like decisions and money and destinies.  I see how change is managed like a move in a game of chess.  Flying to Chiang Mai I had a moment, akin to the moment when Neo simultaneously sees the ‘world’ of the matrix and the code.  I could see everything… from the obvious, like land ownership and management, to the economy and even the metaphorical growth and transmission of ideas.

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Flash Back —— Flash Forward — Part 1

**Notice: Quotes taken are taken directly from their said source with all spelling and grammar mistakes**

CyberPunkCyberPunkHello all. About a week or so ago, Tracy and I went to a lovely dinner at a friendís house. After dinner we started talking, and Tracy was telling us about this article she read online about something called Ven, which is an online currency, and how they are thinking about working with Facebook, which would be like huge if they could get it to work better then the Linden (SecondLife) or any of the other online currencies out there, and if they can make it so you can use it off line. If they could do that, it would be pretty amazing. You can read and listen to an interview at TNW. It’s pretty interesting, and Tracy has a wonderful theory about money and energy. You should ask her about it.

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More New And Interesting Things For The Northlands

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of work here, as always, to make The Northlands a better and more interesting place for all of you.

I’ve added a Member Anniversary message. So when your registration anniversary comes up, you will get a nice little PM from The Northlands.

(Member Name), as of today you’ve been registered at The Northlands for a total of (number) year(s), congratulations!

The Northlands Family!
I haven’t decided if I will keep it as a PM or if I should use it as an email. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated, lol.

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A Bad Few Days Finalized

Hello again all. I know I’ve been writing a lot lately, but I can’t help the ideas that come to my head and there are things I’d like to share with you all, so I do what I can to write at least a little bit when it strikes me. And I think this helps everybody keep up to date with what’s going on, not only with me, but also with The Northlands.

Now back on February 2nd, 2011, I made a blog post titled A Bad Few Days where I talked about not only my struggles with quitting smoking but mostly, it’s about the struggles I’d been having at work, about them not wanting to pay me for the work that I’ve done.

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A Thought Provoking Commercial

As some of you know, I live in Thailand, and although we do get the Super Bowl, it’s on at like 6 in the morning here. And well, this year, I didn’t watch it as there wasn’t really anybody interested in watching it with me like I had the past 2 years. No big deal, I figure when we move to the States, I will get to watch it then, lol.

Anyway, I happen to see some of the commercials for the Super Bowl, and this one really made me think:

First, this seems likes a really different role for Eminem. He wasn’t bashing anybody, he wasn’t raving about himself, and he seemed very down to earth. Also, the commentating on this was really well done.

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Updates For The Northlands

Well, as you all know, I’m always adding things to The Northlands to make your visits better and more enjoyable. Well, one of the things I’ve recently added a few things to The Northlands.

The first thing, I thought would be useful, and a way of saying thank you. To do this, I have added something that will send a message to our members on their anniversary of registering here at The Northlands. One the ways I’m trying to thank you all for being here.

The next few things that I’ve done here is that I’ve tried to make it easier for people to post videos here. The way it was, you could post a link from YouTube, Google video, MySpace video, Game Trailers, Flicker Image Set, MP3, and Flash Movie/Game. Now personally, this was great when I wanted to post a video that I saw on YouTube or a video that I saw on Google video. But if I uploaded a video to my own gallery here, and tried to post the link so you all could see it here, well, all you would see is the link. You clicked the link and it would either make you down load it, or send you to another page to watch the video. So I found a way, that if you post a .wmv video in your gallery, and link it through the media tag in a post like this:

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glory lasts forever

More from teh stimulating Vyx, I promise I will start thinking of my own original post content soon but the gears are a bit rusty and besides she always has such fun ideas.  Here are the rules:

A penmanship survey! “The rules are really quite simple. Basically, you take a sheet of paper and you write the following: 

1. What’s your name/your Blogger name? 2. What’s your blog’s name/URL? 3. Write “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” 4. Favourite quote? 5. Your favourite song? 6. Your favourite band/singers? 7. Anything else you want to say? And here are my answers:

Go take a look at Vyx’s answers here and also check out her tampon collection.

Incidentally, I should probably mention here that I am following a different strategy for posting since my comeback, through necessity I am afraid as my phone no longer syncs via Picasa to my blog. So the commentary in my header is now a total lie.  It is still a photoblog made up of snapshots from my life but taken with my camera and uploaded to my computer and sometimes hosted on the northlands and sometimes uploaded directly here.  I can’t decide what is best – Kim, Kendra, any other watchers… what do you do – upload to blog or host elsewhere and link?  I am just scared one day of logging in to a blog full of broken images.

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