Trip To The States — Part 2

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As you read before, we had some issues with Thrifty Car Rental, but things worked out in the end. We ended up choosing a nice car, which was a Kia Optima, a mid-size car. There were probably about 10 cars to choose from, and I don’t know what they all were, but the Kia looked like the biggest of the mid-size cars, so that’s what we took. You will see parts of it in some of the pictures here.

So we pick out the car, and I load our bags into the trunk, and I drive up to the gate to get checked out. When we get to the gate, I asked the lady there how we get to Interstate 195 North, not knowing that there isn’t an Interstate 195 North, and the lady at the gate made sure to let me know, lol, and asked me where we were going. I told her Etters, Pennsylvania, so she gave me a piece of paper telling us how to go Interstate 195 in the direction. This was actually pretty close to what the directions I got from Google told me, lol.

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Trip To The States — Part 1

Now I know that some of you have heard, but Tracy and I have recently been on holiday to the States, though we spend a lot of it traveling and not relaxing, lol, but it was good.

Our friends Sheza and Boris were kind enough to watch the house, Spike, Roso and Lily. They showed up at our house around 8:00 p.m. on March 31st so we could hand over the keys and to see if we had any last minute instructions. They are a great couple and are really friendly. Spike loved them right off the bat when he met them a few days before, so we knew he would be OK.

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The Story Of Us — Part 3

Continued from The Story Of Us – Part 1 and The Story Of Us – Part 2

Just to give you a little bit of a reminder from when I left off:

Timberwolf: The Story Of Us – Part 2 said: Not long after that, my character had his heart taken and kept in a crystal container in somebody elseís home (thread), I believe called The Forsaken Empire, run by Ren. After a little while, I decided my character wanted his heart back, so I broke into The Forsaken Empire and stole my heart back. Well, this kind of upset Ren, and she went to Hirondelle to get a knife to cut my tail off.

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Visa Trip — Penang, Malaysia

Well, as some of you know, I recently had a visa trip. For that trip, I had to go to Penang, Malaysia.

Over all, Penang is a nice island. And as you can see from the picture on the left here, the view from my room was very beautiful. Before I went to Penang, everybody I know that has been there raved about it. They kept telling me how beautiful it is and how amazing it is. They said I was going to love it.

It is a really nice place. I will admit that. Riding in the taxi from the airport to the hotel reminded me a lot of Singapore. Only Singapore doesn’t look as run down. When I told Tracy this, she told me it’s because both Singapore and Penang were formerly British colonies, and Singapore ended up with the money, and Penang didn’t. I don’t know lol.

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Flash Back —— Flash Forward — Part 3

**Notice: Quotes taken are taken directly from their said source with all spelling and grammar mistakes**

Flash Back <—-> Flash Forward – Part 1
Flash Back <—-> Flash Forward – Part 2

As you have seen in Flash Back – Flash Forward – Part 1 and Flash Back – Flash Forward – Part 2 there are some very interesting connections between what they wrote about for a game and what has happened in real life. So far, everything that I’ve talked about has come only from CyberPunk 2013, from the source book Welcome to Night City: A Sourcebook for 2013 by R. Talsorian Games Inc.

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