Inspiration Along The Journey — Part 2

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CerissaAs I’ve said before, I’ve met some really amazing people along my journey in yoga. The last time I talked about Adrian Cox. I plan on sharing my views and experiences of some of these amazing people here.

My last blog post was about Yin Yoga and my instructor for these classes has been Cerissa Nyen. Cerissa is lovely instructor! As a matter of fact, if I was describe what I feel Cerissa is all about in one word, I would say LOVE. She loves yoga, she loves her students, she loves her friends, she loves helping people, and she loves life. Now this isn’t to say that the others that have been my inspiration aren’t about love. That is about as far from the truth as one could get, but they represent different things to me, and when I come to them, I will talk about them then. But enough about them, this post is about Cerissa.

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