A Quick Lesson In BBCodes

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Originally posted by Lightningfall.

Right, so I’m sure that some of you know what BBCodes are and what they’re for, just as I’m sure that some of you don’t. BBCode, or Bulletin Board Code, is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many message boards, including ours.

Now, and we really have Timberwolf to thank for his hard work and dedication, most of these codes can be accessed in the reply boxes as iconic buttons. There’s a whole list of these that are just at the top of the reply box; about 26. There’s an even longer list, 35, in one of those buttons labeled ‘Special BBCodes’.

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I took this on the train from Nottingham to Glasgow.  It was a five hour journey and much of it was lovely.  This is somewhere in Cumbria, maybe Penrith.  I (and you may not believe this) was taking a photo of sheep.  The train was passing field after field of sheep and I thought “Cool, I should get a photo”.

I rummaged  around (sheep sheep), got my phone (sheep sheep) held it up (sheep sheep) and took the photo (no sheep).  

And I swear I didn’t see a single sheep from that point to Glasgow.

Well I exaggerate.  I got bored of waiting for the sheep to return after 10 mins, and put my camera away.

So this is a photo of an empty field, but immediately to the right – just out of the shot – there is a field absolutely packed with sheep.

The title stands. It’s a metaphor.  Or metaphysical. Something.

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Seized by Rhythm

Rhythm.  I don’t have much, but what little I have finds it very hard to resist a marching band.

I blame my mum who, every year, dressed me up and had me follow the Mablethorpe Carnival Parade: Aged 4 – Little Bo Peep; Aged 5 – Mary Mary (quite contrary); Aged 6 – Turkish Delight girl; Aged 7 – Water Tap (hey there was a water a shortage, and I won Best in Parade for that outfit) and Aged 8 – Anne Boleyn (posthumous).

 Then I was too old to be cute and so I proudly followed bearing a flag and wearing a Brownie and then Girl Guide uniform.  I like uniforms too, but that’s a whole other post.

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How To Purchase A Gallery

This post is originally from the old version of The Northlands.

‘Timberwolf’, on 10 Mar 2012 – 23:02, said:

Just follow these steps to purchase a gallery.  Soon will be how to set up your gallery and how to link your images.

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Source: How To Purchase And Set Up A Gallery

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Hi.  My name is Dom, writer for The North Woods

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A Separation Of Blogs

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve decided to start a The Northlands Blogs. I did this for a few different reasons.

The Northlands
First, I wanted to separate what was/is going on in my life and writing (The North Woods) and what was/is going on with The Northlands. I’m doing this in hopes that it might free me up a little bit to write more on my own and also free up information about what’s going on at The Northlands.

See, in doing this, this gives me the chance to elicit help from my fellow Admin and Moderators with posting about The Northlands. See, now they can write articles or blog posts about what they feel is important for The Northlands and our wolf pack to know, or to simply write tings about The Northlands that they would like to write about. Also we will post the videos from The Northlands YouTube Channel. And if people would like a specific post, all they have to do is put in a request.

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This is my Gratitude Journal – every day I am supposed to write five things I am grateful for in order to remain focussed on life’s positives.  I got the idea from a new (very inspirational and thought-provoking) friend on Facebook, Marike.
  • I am grateful for inspirational and thought-provoking friendships.

The journal is a lined exercise book with a firm card cover, wrapped in a really soft cloth that snaps shut with a very satisfying way.  The pen is a Cross and has my name engraved in the centre.  My husband bought me both for Christmas.

  • I am grateful for a generous and loving husband who knows not only that a pen and a journal will please me but also that having my name engraved on the pen and choosing a book wrapped in soft cloth with the perfect snap makes the difference between a wonderful gift and the perfect gift.
Did you notice that they are green?  I find myself suddenly smitten with green, he knows that too – it is a relatively recent love affair, but he picked it up quickly.
  • I am grateful that my husband is quick to notice the new things that please me.

I am wrote in it two or three times in January and then I stopped because our cleaner moved it from its position next to my bed to a new location underneath a pile of books on my dressing table.  I am disappointed that – as so often happens with  resolutions and intentions born over the New Year period when change, growth and self-improvement is at the forefront of our minds – what was so enthusiastically and determinedly taken up was so quickly and carelessly forgotten.

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The Management

I don’t know if the CID wear blue shirts, but EFL teachers do.  I have always had this mental correlation between my male English teaching colleagues and plain clothes policemen that I am pretty sure is based on the very tenuous idea I have that when they aren’t wearing uniforms the boys in blue ARE actually wearing blue shirts.

I am – in D&D alignment terms – lawful good, and so I am predisposed to like policemen and managers.  And it is a predisposition isn’t it? Groups of people (as opposed to individuals) are either good or evil, depending on you… not them.

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Sweetly weird

No matter how long you have lived in Thailand (sixteen years if you are asking) there are some things that never stop being weird. Taxi drivers plucking their facial hair away with tweezers while stuck in traffic, girls talking on the phone while sitting on the toilet, ice in beer are examples that spring to mind.  A lot of people get used to the last one quite  quickly, but others don’t.  I guess all Thai quirks are personal and subjective; easy to assimilate or or not depending on your personality and experiences.  Nothing is inherently more weird than anything else in a global sense.

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