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As you know, The Northlands has gone through an upgrade. With this upgrade, a few things have also gone through an upgrade.
One of the big things is the HHC. Here is a list of the things you can play with:

Changing Home Page

First thing you’ll notice is there are move buttons at the top of your HHC home page:

Manage Home Or Haven

With these buttons, you can do a lot of things. First, we’re going to look at the home page. If you click on the Edit Page button, you’ll see the break down of you page in images. Everything is done with dragging and dropping blocks. Also, if you look at the bottom of the page, you’ll notice you can also add rows. If you don’t like the 3 column lay out, you can remove that row and add different layouts for your row:

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An Upgrade

From The Northlands Forum

Well, The Northlands will be going through another upgrade here soon.  Currently, we are running IP.Board 3.2.3, and they have over the past month or so upgraded to 3.3.0 to 3.3.1, and in not wanting to fall to far behind on things, I figured it would probably be best to upgrade.

The are a few reasons I waited in doing the upgrade.

  1. I wanted to wait until most or all of the skins upgraded to 3.3.
  2. I wanted to wait until the hooks and apps (the things that make NL fun) work in 3.3
  3. I wanted to test everything (like I should have done from the beginning, lol) and make sure I didn’t come across any bugs.
  4. Some of our great apps (Homes and Havens, NL Economy and Shoutbox) were going through a big upgrade.
  5. Our Menu System was going through a big upgrade
  6. Our Arcade was going through a big upgrade

Now all of these things have happened.  There are a few down sides to this.  Well, there is really one one down side that I can think of.  One of our skins will be going away.  I have contacted the developer to find out if they will be updating the skin, and they haven’t responded.  Dark Worlds, Velvet Worlds, and Worlds In The Sky will all be coming back.  Sadly, Mocha World won’t be coming back.  At least not until the developer upgrades it to 3.3.  I have tested each skin in 3.3 to see if they will work, and when I first did the upgrade, they worked but the menu was doubling up.  Now the three mentioned have been upgrade and everything is working fine with them, but, like I said, Mocha World hasn’t updated, so that will be going away.  An upside, Club will be eventually coming back.  It has been upgrade to 3.3, and Shore and a few of the other skins are supposed to be coming back.  As I know more about Club, Shore and the others, I’ll let you know.

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The World’s Oldest Teenager — Dick Clark — Dies

Dick ClarkApril 18th is a sad day for Pop Culture.  The Worlds Oldest Teenager, Dick Clark, passed away at the age of 82.  He had a heart attack while having surgery.

I remember Dick Clark for a number of reasons, which are as follows:

Pyramid Game Show
American Bandstand
New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Pyramid Game Show

The first being a word association game that he hosed from when I was a kid, my babysitter used to watch it, called $##### Pyramid.  The reason for the ##### is that amount of the prize money changed through out the years.  It started off as $10,000 and grew to eventually be $100,000.  My babysitter enjoyed this game show, and I would enjoy watching it from time to time myself, lol.

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The Northlands Bookie

NL Bookie

From The Northlands Forum

As some of you may have noticed, we have added a new thing to The Northlands.  A few members of our Wolf Pack here like sports, and some like to bet on sports, and some just like betting, lol.  Well, we have recently added a NL Bookie.

To start it off, I set up the first couple of rounds, which is for the first four games in the first round series of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.  I’ve also set up a brackets match for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.  We plan on having match up for whatever people are interested in, so you will just have to let us know. I will give you a link on where you can do that later.

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HockeyHi all. I know that it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post for my own blog, not counting the one I wrote about splitting The Northlands, which is now The Northlands Blog, and blogging about my stuff, The North Woods.

This blog post is going to be about hockey. You know, the sport played on a sheet of ice, generally during the colder months of the year.

A Little Bit About Hockey

I had planned on writing a brief history about hockey, but then I decided against it as there is a great web page HERE for it. If you like hockey and are interested in reading about the history of things, this is a great read. But, what I will tell you about it that hockey is a sport played on a sheet of ice that is 200 feet (60.95m) long and 85 feet (25.9m) wide

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How To Add An Image To Your Post From Your Gallery

From The Northlands Forum

So today, I’ve gone through the steps of adding an image from your gallery to a post.

First, watch the video and if you have any problems, I’ll tell you here step by step.

Enjoy the video:

Or, if you can’t follow the video, just follow the steps below and you will be linking an image from your gallery in no time.

  1. Click on the drop down next to your name
  2. Click My Gallery
  3. Click on an image in one of your galleries
  4. Click on Options
  5. Click on Share Links
  6. Where it says Image Link, copy the code
  7. Close the Share Links window
  8. Click on NL Forum
  9. Click on the thread you want to post in
  10. Click into the post box
  11. Click on the image icon
  12. Paste the code into the URL box
  13. Click OK
  14. Click Post


If you have any problems, just let us know and we will do everything in our power to help you.

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