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Don’t forget to read my other posts about My Yoga Journey.

As some of you may know, I’ve gone back to studying yoga.  Back in June, 2011, I wrote about some changes I wanted to make with my life and going back to yoga.  In July, 2011, I started writing about My Yoga Journey, and posted a poem I had written about The Railroad Tracks Of Life, which was inspired by my good friend and Sensei, Todd Stimmell.  Shortley after that, I wrote about The Journey In Its Early Days and seeing Adrian Cox for the first time since we left Bangkok to move to Chiang Mai, and how great it was to be back.  I talked about how My Yoga Journey had made Thailand beautiful again, which was incredible for me.  I wrote about my journey with the pose Downward Facing Dog which was followed by one talking about Adrian as one of my Inspirations.  I next wrote about my journey with Yin Yoga and talking about another inspiration for me, Cerissa.  Finally I talked about my journey with a pose called Pigeon and another inspiration of mine, Apple.

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NL Faces

From The Northlands Forum

As some of you may have noticed, at the top of The Northlands forum, you will see this image:

NL Faces Full

You will notice a few different things, which I will talk about here for you.

1.  The first hing you will notice is the welcome:

NL Faces Welcome

2.  The next thing you notice are the faced (avatars) of the latest members on line.

NL Faces Avatar

Currently I have it to 18 members.  I can add more as needed (by row), but I don’t see the need for that right now.

3.  Just below the latest members, you will see this:

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Escape and stories

Interesting how this blog was working better as a private journal.  As soon as I went public (i.e. told Dom) I started ‘writing for’ instead of ‘writing about’ and I lost the momentum of introspection.  But yesterday I was lying on my yoga mat listening to stories. Don’t worry, I was still in the Floment, but stories were rising… and I listened and let them go like a good yogini.  Anyway, I realised I still needed this space. I am so full of stories and they clutter me up.  Yoga is physically, mentally and emotionally easy for some and hard for others.

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