Yoga Practitioner Course — Week 3

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Well, this was the last week and last class of my Yoga Practitioners Course.  For the first part of the class we worked on handstands again.  But, we did it a little differently this time.  This time instead of working with partners or working with the L-Shaped handstand against the wall we were doing handstands up the wall.  To do our handstands against the wall, we did three (3) different types of set ups, or movements to get into handstand:

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Yoga Practitioner Course — Week 2

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So far, my teacher training course has been going pretty good. We did some pretty interesting things this week, and we found out something interesting things about yoga, ayurveda and ourselves.

Day 3

HeadstandHandstandWe started off today talking about inversions and some of the myths behind them. But, before I get into the myths, let me telling you a little bit about inversionasanas. First off, I thought inversions were any asana where your feet are off the ground and above your head. I found out this weekend that I was wrong. An inversion is any asana where your head goes below your heart, or your heart goes above your head. For example, a standing forward bend or a downward facing dog are types of inversions. But, that doesn’t mean things like a headstand (one of my current favorites) and handstand aren’t inversion, because if you look at the pictures, you can plainly see that the heart is above the head. Now we didn’t just jump right into these asanas. We had a few things we needed to do and discuss first.

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In my name

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
Matthew 18:20

As a young Christian this line used to piss me off something fierce.  I remember asking Rudd, the vicar of my church, “Am I not good enough if I am alone then?”.  I used to imagine I would be in great need of God and be on my knees begging for help and God would holler down, “Hey Trace, go and get a couple of mates and I will be right with you.”.

Now I know better.

The force that Christians call God is just as present for the individual as for the group, and indeed doesn’t perceive a distinction between us singular or plural.  This was just a “bring a buddy” marketing campaign to make a new faith viral.

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Yoga Practitioner Course — Week 1

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–WARNING–  This post is very long.  I’m sorry  –WARNING–

PractitionerIf you’ve been reading my blog, you will know that I’ve been preparing to do a yoga teacher training course at Yoga Elements here in Bangkok.  Well, that started this past weekend.  Now for starters, every Saturday and Sunday for the next four (4) monts I will being doing eight (8) hours of class per day.  My plan is to tell you all what we’ve done in the class and how things are going for me.

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Preparing To Be A Yoga Teacher

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As I’ve stated just a short time ago, I’m going to be doing a yoga teacher training course.  This course starts this coming Saturday, September 8th.  I’m really looking forward to this course.  I’ve wanted to do it since The Goddess and I decided to go back to yoga, over a year ago.

The two main teachers of this course are Adrian Cox and ShiangYing Chan.  I have a lot of hard work in front of me for this course.  There are 260 hours of study, which includes yoga practice, book studying, muscle studying, discussions and analyses, knowledge quizzes, and lots and lots of reading, lol.

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