Updating And Upgrading

From The Northlands Forum

The Northlands is going through a very big update.  We are updating just about every little piece of software, file, application, and hook.

The board is going from 3.3.4 to 3.4.3, which is a very big upgrade.  Because of this, we maybe losing some of apps, mods and hooks that we used with 3.3.4.  We will also be losing some of the skins that were for 3.3.4.  Some of these things aren’t compatible with 3.4.3, and will be lost.  Those things that we can replace, we will replace.

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Blogging And TV

BloggingSo recently, Tracy and I have started watching a TV show, I would say new, but it isn’t new, it’s new to us, called Californication.  We watched 2, almost 3, seasons in the matter of about 2 weeks.  It’s very addictive.

I really feel for the main character, Hank, in this.  He is a writer, and I like to write.  And he loves women as I love women.  Anyway, in the first season, he is hired to write for a blog, which kind of made me feel like I want to blog more, so here we go, hahaha.  Part of what he blogs about is his experience with people and things in Los Angeles.  He is a bit of a drunk though and as much as I do like to have a drink, I don’t want to drink as much as he does, lol.  But I will say this, I did have a strong cigarette pang, as in I wanted a cigarette when I was watching it, because in the show, Hank, smokes Camel cigarettes, which is what I used to smoke when I lived in U.S.A.  The good thing is, one (1), they don’t sell them here in Thailand, and two (2), I realized the only reason I had the pang was because it was Camel and not because I wanted a cigarette.

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