Playing With A Fun Photo App

Let me start by saying that I have an app for my phone that tells me when other apps go free. There are quite a lot of apps that go free for 24 hours. I get notices for all kinds of different apps. Games, tracking, interesting information, photo manipulation, all kinds of things. If a game I like comes up, I usually get a game or two that I like or something. Most apps I just look at and they don’t really interest me, so I don’t download them.

Well, on Thursday (23 May 2013) there was this one app, for whatever reason just screamed at me to download it. So I downloaded it. The next morning, while I was sitting in the office waiting to go to the school’s Opening Mass of the school year, I decided to open the app and play with it. Next thing you know, I just couldn’t stop, lol. The app is a photo manipulation app. You take photos on your phone, and you can turn them into comic book pages.

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