Subscribers And Contributors

The NorthlandsSince we’ve changed the format, there are a few things you will need to be aware of and / or what to look for.  You will see different things depending on if you’re a Subscriber or if you’re a Contributor.

You don’t have to register here at The Northlands if you don’t want to.  As a Viewer, you can still comment on blog posts, and once you have had your first comment approved, all you comments should go through after that.  If not, send us an email and we will look into it.  As a Viewer, you can look at the Community, but you can’t contribute to any of the discussions in the Community until you register.

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The New Northlands

Wolf & RavenWell, here we go.  We took about a day and a half to delete everything from The (Old) Northlands and to set up and The (New) Northlands.

😥 I think one of the hardest online things I’ve had to do was to purposely delete The Northlands forum.  No backups or anything.  I saved what I wanted to save and I gave people a month to save the things that they wanted to save.  Then, on Friday, July 26th, 2013, I went into the forum folder of The Northlands on the server and click delete.  Got the little popup asking if I was sure and I showed Tracy, thought; “Do I really want to do this?  Yes, it needs to be done.” and click the button, and watched as the files were deleted from the server.  During the whole process, it stopped deleting files about three (3) or four (4) times, and I had to start it again.  Everything finally finished deleting at about noon on Saturday, July 27, 2013, while Tracy and I were out having brunch.  When we got back, we started setting up The (New) Northlands.

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Free thinkers


This is a version of an image I saw on Facebook. The original was a bit wider, showed more of the room and the guys at prayer.  I loved it immediately.  The kid’s playful gesture and fun expression instantly transcends barriers of race and religion.  In fact this gorgeous little boy had a message for me that transcended the literal message of the text itself.

The original image had the text I included here but also had a logo bottom right which read “We fucking love atheism” showing it come from one of those rash of rationalist Facebook pages which glorify science and unbelief in any kind of God type person running the show. This Pinterest board is a very representative sample of their message if you have been in a cave for the past 18 months.

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