Seduced by space

CaptureI made a little video for Tracy, just a goofy recording of boiling water being tossed into really cold air (it turns into mist!). After I opened the door and stepped outside, however, I was taken aback. It was quiet.

I live right in the middle of a huge metropolitan area. Other than New York, it’s the most population dense city among big cities in the US. From where I write this, I’d have to drive 90 minutes in any direction to get to a rural area. It’s noisy. It’s bustling. And, unlike the Keihanshin (Osaka metro) area in Japan that I lived in briefly, it’s all rat race and “get the hell out of my way” here. So, because it was -15 below out, it was whisper quiet, and I was suddenly reminded of the wide open, quiet spaces I used to live in. I was born in Chicago and spent most of my life in Tampa, the latter of which isn’t a huge metro area, but it’s by no means rural. I then lived in the Pacific Northwest for several years, in a decidedly rural area.

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When information can be harmful

hungry-expert-copyright-2012Fads are nothing new. In recent history, consumerist society has arisen in many countries following World War II and has exploded in growth due to mass media advertising. Now that raw information became available to everyone with Internet access, we’ve seen fads explode in growth again over the past 15 years. In particular, research is far more visible than it used to be. The problem is, when research is written up, it’s written up for an audience that has the requisite knowledge to interpret it properly. Unfortunately, everyone’s a self-proclaimed expert now, and what I present here is actually the best-case scenario. Some of what you see is outright false information.

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New Year’s De-resolution


Unlike everyone in my Facebook feed (it seems) I am not opposed to making resolutions.  I think the desire to improve is wired into us and the turning of the year is a natural time to reflect on what we did right or wrong and how we are going to step it up a notch or two in the coming year.

Equally it is easy to fail in our resolutions by, oh… mid January.  This is mainly because we are overly optimistic, on a bit of a New Beginning High and most importantly (for those of us who work full time) on holiday.  That paradise place from where doing regular exercise, cooking healthy food, and practicing radical self-care (yes it is a phrase) seems perfectly possible.

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Kind of like love

Christian Ponder

Somewhere around week 1 or 2 of the 2012 NFL preseason Dom and I noticed we were getting  a little bit interested in (American) football – to be clear Dom has always loved football and I think even living abroad he has always followed the Viking scores, but 2012 was different.  My memory is vague, but I think the Vikings had won the first and maybe second of their preseason games (and this was following a dire 2011 season) and this triggered our enthusiasm.

Anyway our burgeoning interest led to me suggesting we buy the NFL game pass.  Instant addiction.  We watched every Vikings game of the 2012 season and I personally really enjoyed it: I steadily started getting to grips with the weird rules, even learning a few of the players’ names and what their positions meant – a steep learning curve though some came more easily than others:

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