The Crew

Groton, Connecticut, U.S.A.

First, let me say that these are my memories of the events that I will be talking about.  Some of them may not be correct because they did happen over 20 years ago.  So if they are different from your memories of what happened, please feel free to post them or message me or email.

Darrell (D-Man) Cunningham and Domnick DumaisIn 1990, I joined the U.S. Navy.  I did my boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois.  From there, I went home for my fifteen (15) days leave, and then I went to Groton, Connecticut.  When I first got to Groton, I was put into Awaiting Sub School (AWSS).  I was there for a few weeks.   From there, I was moved to my next area on base, which was the Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS) barracks and I started the course.  BESS was a really intensive course that covered the working of a submarine, basic damage control on a submarine, training on operations of a submarine and the like.  On the weekends, I would blow off steam and go bowling at one of the two bowling alleys, or I would shoot pool at the Enlisted Men’s Club near the BESS barracks.   I was there with a few guys from my boot camp, and we kind of remained friends, but we never really got close.

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