Multiple Belt Test

Receiving Purple BeltTo continue sharing of my Shotokan Karate, you can read my post about Shotokan Karate, and my post about my First Ever Belt Test.

On November 17th, I had another multiple level belt tests.  I tested to go from Orange belt (8th kyu) to Blue belt (7th kyu), from Blue belt (7th kyu) to Green belt (6th kyu) and lastly, from Green belt (6th kyu) to 1st Purple belt (5th kyu).  Overall, it was a busy day at the dojo.  Our Sensei was testing over 20 students ranging in level from White belt (10th kyu) to 1st Purple belt (5th kyu), and quite a few students this time were testing for more than one level.

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Krabi, Thailand 2014

In May, 2006, Tracy and I went on a trip before I started my first job in a school.  We decided to go to Krabi, Thailand.  Specifically, we decided to go to Railay Bay West.  Railay Bay East is a bit more backpackery, and that wasn’t what were really look for in a place, but once we got to the other side, we knew that was the place to be.

While we were there, sitting on the beach one night, I wrote a poem about the sound the waves were making.

The Roar

The sun has set
The land is dark
Softly music sounds
From far down the beach
I can see the waves
Crashing whitely
Across the shore
The immense sound
Draws the stress
From the mind
And the body
But if you’re quiet
And listen deeply
Behind the wave
You can hear
The quiet roar
Of the sea
Kissing passionately
The amazing faces
Of the cliffs

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