Spending Time

CoupleAt first, I wasn’t sure if I should put this post under Travel or under Ramblings as it is a little of both.  After a lot of thought, and talking to Tracy, it was decided that it would be better under Rambling because it is more about my rambling along at different time.  As most of the people that read this blog know, I love women.  I have for a very long time.  I love everything about them, all shapes and sizes.  I pretty much always have.  I can even remember it starting when I was a teenager, when I got a little bit of freedom, I would do some (mildly) crazy things for the attention of a woman and to spend time with her.

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Meditation Example


Ok, Right now I’m sitting at Burger King doing homework. One way I meditate is to stare at an abstract object like the neon light. In fact, I have been staring at it for fifteen minutes. Now yes, I’m not doing my homework, but when I return to it, I can zone in on it just like I zoned in on the light.

The key to this method is to notice details. If you look at it closely, you can see the reflection in the window. (the image doesn’t show it) But the point is to notice every detail so the object looks much different than when you originally glanced at it.

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Meditation RingsBefore I even start this post on meditation, I want to make something very clear.  The comments and views in this post are strictly my own opinion.  If you disagree with them, that’s fine.  If you would like to discuss it, that would be great, I’m always open for a good discussion.

Meditation is something really interesting, and something I’ve spent a lot of time doing since I was in my teens.  But wait; let me start with a couple of definitions first.

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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Newsletter From Us

NewsletterThis year, Tracy and I decided we wanted to start organizing and keeping track of our addresses.  The reason we did this was because this year while we were trying to get some packages and cards sorted to go to the States, we realized that our addresses are scattered over a few different computers, websites, hard form address books, e-form address books, printouts and whatnot.  What a mess!

So Tracy collected her addresses, I collected my addresses, and we decided to keep them all in one place.  I have set up a document to help keep track of all our addresses and which person, Tracy or I, the address belongs to.  We have also decided to keep a backup in an actual address book of everybody’s addresses.  This also makes it easier to print everybody’s addresses when we need them.

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