NWF Hall of Fame

Mr DestroyerSome time ago, I wrote two (2) blog posts about my time as a professional wrestler in the National Wrestling Federation.

Mr. Destroyer And NWF Part 1

Mr. Destroyer And NWF Part 2

I had such a great time with these guys.  Some of them I became really good friends with.  About eleven (11) years ago, Shawn found me because of a web site I used to run that didn’t quite make it about a fantasy wrestling federation.  He sent me an email and we started talking again.

We tried organizing a reunion type show before I left the States and moved to Thailand, but it just wasn’t in the cards at that point in time.  Through talking to Shawn, I got to reconnect with a few of my friends from that time in my life, like Mike, and became friends with a few guys that I just kind of new from that time, like Chris and Chad.

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5th Kyu to 4th Kyu Belt Test

Chudan Oi-zuki - KihonTo continue sharing of my Shotokan Karate, you can read my post about Shotokan Karate, my post about my First Ever Belt Test and my Multiple Belt Test.

On February 8th, 2015, I did another belt test.  This time I tested 5th Kyu to 4th Kyu, which is I tested from 5th level to 4th level in Shotokan Karate.

The first part of the test was Kihon which means techniques.  Here is what I had to do for Kihon this time:

From another angle.

  1. Zenkutsu-dachi Gedan-gamae
    • Chudan Oi-zuki – stepping forward five (5) times
    • Jodan Age-uke, Gyaku-zuki – stepping backward five (5) times
    • Chudan Soto-uke, Gyaku-zuki – stepping forward five (5) times
    • Koukutsu-dachi Shutou-uke – stepping backward five (5) times
    • Gedan Barai, Nekoashi-dachi, Chudan Uchi-uke, Zenkutsu-dachi, Gyaku-zuki – stepping forward five (5) times
  2. Mawatte Gedan-gamae
    • Mae-geri – stepping forward five (5) times
  3. Mawatte Gedan-gamae
    • Mawashi-geri – stepping forward five (5) times
  4. Kiba-dachi
    • Yoko Ke-age – stepping forward four (4) times
    • Yoko Ke-age – stepping forward four (4) times
    • Yoko Ke-komi – stepping forward four (4) times
    • Yoko Ke-komi – steppubg forward four (4) times
  5. Mawatte Gedan-gamae
    • Turning Ura-ken, Gyaku-zuki – stepping forward five (5) times

After that, we were tested on Kumite.  The Kumite that we did this time was called Kihon-Ippon-Kumite, which is five (5) techniques, one (1) step.  They are listed as follows:

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