I am me, and you are you

Wolf says I should write, so okay.

I cannot be other than what I am.

I cannot pretend to be the cute, fluffy, pink sugary sweetness of other delicate, feminine girls.

I cannot pretend to be the tough-as-nails, black leather and mud type hard-ass girls, who nonetheless ooze sex appeal and hang with the boys.

I cannot be the furry, adorable, mouse-type, squirreled away in a corner, that people just want to scoop up and cuddle.

I cannot hope to be the punk-rock, obscure references, facial piercings, with the artists deep, sensitive nature.

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4th Kyu to 2nd Kyu Belt Test

Belt Test Class May 10, 2015To continue sharing of my journey in Shotokan Karate, you can read Shotokan Karate, First Ever Belt Test, Multiple Belt Test, 5th Kyu to 4th Kyu Belt Test, and studying Karate in England.

On May 10th, 2015, I had another belt test.  This one was to go from fourth (4th) Kyu to second (2nd) Kyu, which is I went from second (2nd) purple to second (2nd) brown.  I only have one more Kyu level, under black belt level, to test, and then I will be testing for my Shodan, first (1st) degree black.  I think I was the most nervous for this test then I have been since my first test.  I felt I wasn’t fully sure about my Kihon, techniques.  Well, I knew the techniques, but I wasn’t sure about what they were in Japanese.  Have a look, and you can see how I did.

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Karate In England

JKS EnglandI always enjoy going to England.  I love seeing the people we see, I love London and I have a growing affection for Hucknall and Nottingham.  For me, there is just something special about it.  I don’t go that often as it is expensive, but I do enjoy it when I’m there.

WeaponsThis time was special for a few reasons.  First, I had ordered a pair of foam-padded nunchaku, a pair of wooden nunchaku and a pair of tonfa, all of which were delivered to Mum’s house in Hucknall.  As a matter of fact, when we got to Mum’s house, I opened them up from their packaging and played with them a little bit.

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