Niagara Vacation

Well, I’ve been meaning to write this blog forever…..and I don’t feel like finishing my homework tonight, so….=P

About a year ago I took a vacation to a new location for me.  I traveled over the northern border into Niagara, Ontario Canada…..ok, it was barely Canada, but it still was.  All the research I’ve done on the falls said that the Canadian falls were the most beautiful.  I can now confirm that the travel sites are correct.  The Canadian falls are spectacular.  The only part of the trip that wasn’t was the border crossing.  I got grilled for a good 2-3 minutes about gun ownership.  They agent must have asked me 5 times if I owned a gun, and if I was bringing one over with me.  I guess I must have looked like a guy that would own a gun =P.

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Upgrading To Author

A lot of you may not know this, but Tracy and I have decided to do away with  In doing this, we would also like to promote the people that have helped write here at The Northlands.  We decided that one of the things we wanted to do was that those people that have posted ten (10) or or more blog posts, we wanted to give them the setting of Author instead of Contributor, so they can now publish their own blogs posts.

In so doing, we noticed that one person has over ten (10) posts.  Actually, he has twelve (12) posts, which I thought was pretty cool.  Here is a breakdown of the people that have written blog posts for us, and how many posts they have.

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DD1_featuredI know it’s been awhile since I’ve written.  I have a few posts that I want to write up.  Let’s start with this.

Back in September of last year, I wrote a blog post titled New Adventure, which is about me starting podcasting.  You can listen to the first podcast HERE, and you if you want to go to the page to have a look at my show notes, you can have a look HERE.  In my first episode, I talk about my life growing up and about my time in the Navy.  Go ahead, you can listen to it and come back; I’ll wait for you.   :yes:

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