2nd Kyu to 1st Kyu Belt Test

Jiyu Ippon KumiteDon’t forget to read about more about my journey in Shotokan Karate:  Shotokan, First Ever Belt Test, Multiple Best Test, 5th Kyu to 4th Kyu Belt Test, 4th Kyu to 2nd Kyu Belt Test, and studying Karate in England.


On August 9th, 2015, I had my final Kyu (below black belt) level belt test.  This was to go  from second (2nd) Kyu or (2nd) brown belt.  I actually felt very comfortable with testing this time.  I knew all my techniques for my kihon, I got to work with another student for my kumite and all the katas I thought I would be asked to do I knew well.  They aren’t prefect, but I know them pretty well.  Have a look below and see how I did.


Kihon 2nd Kyu to 1st Kyu:



1.   From Zenkutsu-dachi

A.  Sanbon-zuki (step forward 3 times)

B.  Jodan Age-uke, Mae-geri, Gyaku-zuki (step backward 3 times)

C.  Chudan Soto-uke, Kiba-dachi Enpi (step forward 3 times)

D.  Koukutsu-dachi Shutou-uke, Nukite (step backward 3 times)

E.  Gedan Barai, Nekoashi-dachi, Uchi-uke, Zenkutsu-dachi, Ura-zuki, Gyaku-zuki (step forward 3 times)

2.  Mawatte Gedan-gamae

A.  Same leg Mae-geri, Mawashi-geri (step forward 3 times)

3.  Mawate Gedan-gamae

A.  Ushiro-geri (step forward 5 times)

4.  From Kiba-dachi

A.  Changing legs Yoko Ke-age, Ke-komi (step foward 3 times)

5.  Mawatte Gedan-gamae

A.  Jodan Shutou-uchi, Turning & stepping forward Enpi, Returning & stepping back Uchi Jodan Shutou-uchi (step forward 5 times)

6.  Mawatte Gedan-gamae

A.  Yori-ashi Gyaku-zuki, Step forward Gedan Barai, Yori-ashi Gyaku-zuki, Gedan-gamae (step forward 5 times)

Next was Jiyu Ippon Kumite:



1.  Jodan Oi-zuki / Jodan Age-uke

2.  Chudan Oi-zuki / Chudan Soto-uke

3.  Mae-geri / Gedan Barai

4.  Yoko Ke-komi / Chudan Soto-uke

5.  Mawashi-geri / Chudan Uchi-uke

6.  Ushiro-geri / Gedan Barai



Finally, I had to execute three (3) katas:


The first kata that I had to perform was Heian Godan:



The second kata that I had to perform was Junro Godan:



Finally, that last kata I had to perform was Tokui Kata, which loosely means kata of my choice.  I decided to perform Bassai-dai:



Here is the playlist of what I did for this belt test.



Thanks for following me along with my journey into Shotokan Karate.  I hope you keep following.


Always Remember:  In any activity, give your fullest effort.


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