Amazing Grace

Dom recording for YouTubeAs you all know, I’ve started learning to play the guitar again.  I’ve made some recording on SoundCloud



Well, when I started playing guitar again, I also started showing more interest in playing electric guitar as well.  So Tracy and I sat down and we talked about it.  We decided that for me to get an electric guitar, we would have to agree on three (3) for me to play and record to YouTube.  It took us awhile to decide on which songs, and well, we haven’t decided on all three (3) songs just yet, but we have decided on two (2) of the three (3) songs.


The first song we decided on, actually made perfect sense once we thought about it.  It was one of my mother’s favorite songs.  So I found a good guitar tab, and I sat down and learned the first song.  Once I felt good with it, I set up my camera on my MacBook and made the recording.  The first song we chose was Amazing Grace.  Here I am playing the melody for Amazing Grace.  Enjoy.


[vcyt id=XnF15ovKlLY]


Also, I decided not to sing on this one.  LOL.  The reason being, is I don’t have all that great of a singing voice, and I didn’t want to ruin the song by me singing over it, and I haven’t learned to play and sing at the same time, and I didn’t want to flub it while I was recording it, lol.


Well, I hope you enjoyed.


Always Remember:  If there is something you want to learn, don’t put it off, set a little bit of time aside and learn it.


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